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How can I get rid of or camouflage these stretchmarks on my shoulders?

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Question - (1 March 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 2 March 2008)
A age 30-35, anonymous writes:

This isn't a relationship question but Ii need a bit of advice.

I'm in year 11 at school, I'm 15 and I have my school leavers prom coming up in May. Well as you do to a prom, I have to wear a dress which I'm not really bothered about but most of them are bubetube style dresses and I am really uncomfortable wearing sleveless things as I have these stretchmarks on my shoulders and round the top of my back. They aren't big and there's only a few but they are obvious. I wouldnt call my self "fat", I'm a 12/14 clothes and 5ft 6 tall but I have really broad shoulders and back which I find really embarrasing.

Does anyone know any ways of gettin rid of these stretchmarks as I really don't want people seeing them. I don't have them any anywhere else, just my shoulders and top of my back, a few of my friends have got them on their lower back, and sides but I haven't and some people have them on their stomach but I haven't :S I know everyone gets them and I know it's normal but I don't know anyone that has stretchmarks on their shoulders or the top of their back and I do! :S They're really embarrassing and I don't want people to see them.

Can anyone help me please?

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A female reader, Angelicc United Kingdom +, writes (2 March 2008):

Angelicc agony auntIf you go into boots or superdrug you can by bio-oil ir works.

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A female reader, speedcat United States +, writes (2 March 2008):

you could use simple cover-up that you use for your face works the same way! wont make it invisible but will help out!

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A female reader, angelicdivauk United Kingdom +, writes (2 March 2008):

angelicdivauk agony auntWell chick, I suggest you don't wear a boob-tube style then. Dare to be different! I did! I wore a shortish babydoll dress and everyone loved it!

Alternatively, you could get that boobtube style and buy a little shrug (short cardigan) to go over the top of it then no-one would see! Or even the kinda scarf-like shawls - they're extremely in fashion just now!

The only other thing i could think of id bio-oil, which is what pregnant women use, but I don't think it would work on time for the prom.

Good luck Hunny, and enjoy every single second of it, you won't get another one!!!


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A male reader, Dave70 United States +, writes (2 March 2008):

Dave70 agony auntme i like a real woman stretch marks and all. wear ur growin pains like a warrior and dont hide ur body in shame. u r beatiful with all ur scars

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A female reader, Jargenhunter United States +, writes (2 March 2008):

Everyone gets stretch marks, you said it yourself so you shouldn't be so concerned about it. Also, your dance will most likely have dim lights, so not many will be able to see.

That being said, stretch marks occur when your body grows rapidly, so you can not make them go away. They may fade with time, but nothing is guaranteed. If you want to try something, you can use a plumping or moisturizing lotion on your shoulders and see what happens. If you are really self conscious, you can always put some make up on or wear a shawl to cover them.

A separate note on sleeveless dresses, be mindful of the fit. At dances I have attended, by the third song they have entered their own dance of constantly pulling the dress back up where it belongs.

Good luck, don't stress.

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