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Why is my boyfriend so moody... ?

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Question - (25 September 2007) 3 Answers - (Newest, 26 September 2007)
A female United States age 30-35, *eeds2know writes:

I cannot figure out my boyfriend. We just celebrated out 1 year aniversary together a couple weeks ago. It was the greatest day, very cute and romantic, and the private part of the night--fantastic!! hah. Any way we dont see each other as much as we used to cause we both have school and work.. To make it short we didnt made sure to get things done for the next two days (so we didnt see each other)so that way we could spend the whole day together. Well he called and cancelled and really there was no choice to the matter cause he dad had the control in that situation. I got upset tho, because we have had plans cancelled before and I told him i was just upset with the situation not him. But he got upset with me so it got worse and i hung up the phone. I realized that i over reacted and appologized to him. I also am having problems with that girly monthly thing where i have had it for 10 months straight now! After that he has been up and down with me. When he is with me he is great and nice, but then other times he wont even look at me. Sometimes he will tell me he loves me and then he wont. I know he is stressed with school, cause he wants a great GPA and all of that. I think thats great! And that he had to buy some expensive stuff because his old stuff broke. So I dont know what to do to get him to understand where I am at, and so i know where he is. Why is he so moody i dont get it. Please help. I know how i feel about him--and i willing to do anything to figure it out.

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A female reader, needs2know United States +, writes (26 September 2007):

needs2know is verified as being by the original poster of the question

needs2know agony auntI am planning on talking to him. I just wish he could say i love you a little bit more. I dont get that. Hes all about the future with me but then he cant say that he loves me sometimes. When we are alone and saying good night he will hold me and kiss my head and say it but then there is the whole other side of him not talking to me or calling.. its frustrating... I feel like i have worn my moodyness off on him or something. I dont want to be clingy and im not calling or anything. I figure he can come to me?? But I do want have a talk and I have no idea how to go about it.

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A female reader, sexi South Africa +, writes (26 September 2007):

sexi agony auntHi,

With regards to your monthly girly thing, i suggest you go to the doctor as that could be serious. Your bf probably doesnt realize what he is doing to you.The only way he would know is if you tell him. Sit him down and calmly tell him that you have noticed a change in his moods and that you would like to know what's up. Ask him about his intentions for the future, if he still wqants to be in the relationship with you then you can work together.When he knows that his moods swings are causing you to be upset, im sure he would take the effort to calm thme down.Just speak to him, communication is really important in a relationship.Good Luck,

Regards,mail me if you wanna talk

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A female reader, IvyWitch9117 United States +, writes (26 September 2007):

IvyWitch9117 agony auntdoll i think it's just stress i mean really guys are moody either way and he sounds like he's got a lot on his plate... people sometimes just don't handle stress the same way and maybe he's just trying to picture his future and how it'll be and he's afraid if he does a single thing wrong it could ruin his dream sometimes people don't think of their loved ones and hurt us on accident and i don't think his mood swings are on purpose just inform him that he's having some really bad ones and sometimes it hurts your feelings and if he cares he'll understand and try and fix the problem so he's less moody

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