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Why does my husband get so angry when I ask him a question?

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Question - (8 January 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 13 January 2009)
A female United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

I don't understand when my husband gets mad sometimes when I ask him a question. We are both very busy and its like he takes offense for example if I ask him who the lady on the answering machine is or who the lady is that he made flight arrangements with. I don't think the question is a big deal until he starts getting an offensive attitude. I'd like to have open communication, but his attitude worries me. I have caught him in some stupid lies, but he acts like he should be the one mad. He tells me he loves me all the time, but these actions are getting worse. Please give opinion or advice.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 January 2009):

Try asking him nothing at all he will soon get fed up and might open up more. but be honest you are not interigating him are you?

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A female reader, sexi suga United Kingdom +, writes (8 January 2009):

Babe the reason he does this is because he feels you are doubting him and your relationship. By you questioning him he probably feels that he has to justifie all his action to you and to be honest men espically dont like doing that as they feel trapped and belted down. tell me does he question you about certain episodes if he does then explain to him that hey when you ask me about things i tell you the why cant it be mutal?

not only that but talking from personal experience when i put that to my man he said to be he'd rather not tell me as it will only make me paranoid and make me doubt him... i explained to him that by him not telling me it only made it worse.... talk to him and tell him that uno i justifie myself to you all the time not because i have to but because i want to.. just say uno i want you to be involved in what i do in my life and i tell you everything... so why cant it be mutal... ask just to be kept in the loop... with everything he does, take an interest and things will get better...

trust me communication is the key to any successful relationship :)so smile sweetiee

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A female reader, huneygyrl United States +, writes (8 January 2009):

huneygyrl agony auntI always answer questions honestly so here it goes.

From past experience, to me, this indicates infedility.

Sometimes, when men or women get upset because their spouse ask a simple question, it is a possibility he or she may be having relations outside of the marriage or relationship. I hope I am wrong.

Otherwise, there's something really bothering him. Let him know there's something serious you both need to talk about.

Good luck!!!

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