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When she goes out with me it's jeans and a jumper but shen she goes out with friends she looks amazing!

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Question - (30 April 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 1 May 2007)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:


I am 19 and dating my wonderful 28 year old Girlfriend, we have been together for around 10 months and now live together, but recently she has started to be really funny with what she wears, when she goes out with me its jeans and a jumper but if she goes out with her girlfriends she looks amazing!

When we are getting ready to go out and I mention that I think she looks nice she will change just before we leave!! is this normal? Does she want me to stop fancying?? please help!!

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A female reader, xxxsoulsistaxxx United Kingdom +, writes (1 May 2007):

xxxsoulsistaxxx agony auntI think she's just getting comfortable with you and doesn't feel the need to get too dressed up or anything. That's a good thing, it takes a lot of love and trust for a girl to get to that point where she knows you love her for her and not what she looks like. Whereas, when we go out, we like to look nice: it's good to feel desired by others, even though we're not looking for anything to happen.

But it's always nice to dress up for your partner: as my boyfriend told me, a man call fall out of love pretty quickly if he stops fancying the woman. Maybe hint that she should wear this top or that top, just encourage to her to make herself look nice for you once in a while. Take her on a nice, romantic meal to a posh restaurant, that way she can't just go in jeans and a jumper!

Good luck and relax.

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A female reader, rammsteinfan United States +, writes (1 May 2007):

rammsteinfan agony auntSince you two live together, you should have a talk with her why she dresses to the max when she goes out with her friends, and not when she goes out with you.

To me, it sounds like she's trying to get other men's attention when she goes out with friends. Is that what crosses your mind when she does that?

What you should do is get a friend whom she doesn't know, follow her and her friends and see if she is cheating on you. Here in the state, we have a program on TV called "Cheaters"....the website is could check there to see if it's also in your area. A private investigator would do the same...but it would probably cost you some money.

I hope for your sake this is not the case!!

God Bless you and Good Luck!!!!

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