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Should I make the move on my step-cousin?

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Question - (20 August 2006) 8 Answers - (Newest, 14 March 2011)
A male , *arnzy writes:

Sorry to repost this question but i need a more balanced opinion, all i got was male advice. I need women advice as well to gain a more balanced opinion. Plus can i have advice on what i should do to this situation:

I have recently been on holiday with my parents and my cousin came along with her parents too as our parents do get along.

I am male and i am 18 and i admit that i do like her in more than just friends. A little background info is that she is actually my step cousin. Some people think this is not wrong some people do, but its up to you if u think its wrong.

Before we went on holiday she came around my house and we started talking. Then she came round the next day and we agreed that it was good that we finally had someone nice to talk to.

Then one day she came with a dvd and said we could watch it. So we did but i was wondering if their was any intentions. Some of my friends say she was treading water and testing me if i would make a move. Unfortunatly i didnt make a move. After this she did not come round again. Then the next time i saw her was on holiday 5 weeks later.

We met up everyday on holiday and we sat together sunbathing and talking to each other about personal things such as sex and how we like it and previous relationshsips we have had. We really did get along.

Then on evenings when we was with each others parents we would walk off after we had a meal to be alone together. We would sit alone in the dark and we would talk about more personel stuff again such as sex. But i always got the feeling she would want me to get closer to her or sumthing. If she wasnt my cousin then i probably would have but this was all i could think of, and also i would think does she feel the same.

Anyway on the last day of her holiday because i was staying longer than her. She said to me on the beach when we were with our family `Do you want to come to my hotels pool?'. I said yes, so we walked to her hotel and then she said 'Im going to go upstairs to pack my suitcase, you want to come along', again i said yes because i didnt want to sit on my own at the pool. Then when we was in the room she said straight away ' I am going to go for a shower' so i said ok i will wait, She went in with her bikini and i expected her to have a shower and then dry herself, get changed and come out, but she came out of her shower with just a towel wrapped around her. I didnt understand what she wanted. Are We just Really Good Friends? or Does She Fancy me too?

I didnt do anything, i didnt make a move, i felt i would regret it if i did but now i have regret inside because after asking my friends opinions they say that she wanted me to make a move.

So please any comments and any thoughts of this would be very appreciated because i am very confused :(:(

Just friends or does she want sex??

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A male reader, Subaruwrx United States +, writes (14 March 2011):

I don't know if she wants sex as much as she just wants to hang out. I also like my cousin and me and her are not afraid to say anything. So if u can talk about sex then ask what she thinks of u and her doing so. You got nothing to loose. You never know unless you try. By the way most women frown upon this idea so I would not expect much from them. But like I said go for it just get into a conversation about sex again and continue on through out there.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (30 December 2007):

Well i think you should let her know how you feel and see if she feels the same way cuz if not then atleast you'll know whether or not to make that move, i have a crush on my step cousin too and i kinda feel were your at.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 June 2007):

She was definately throwing herself at you...she wanted you badddddd!

you snoozed lol

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (16 April 2007):

dude i just met my step cousin and i just fell in love with her thin seconed i saw her. and now at the end of the year im moveing to interstate to live with her . so yea good luck mate

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 March 2007):

I know exactly how you feel man. My mom started dating this guy that lived out of state about two years ago, and we went down to visit his home a few times before they announced they were engaged. I met my step-sister, and step-cousins. One in particular hit it off with me after a few visits, and is VERY cute; she has a very Reese Witherspoon thing going on. Well about two months into knowing these people (and still before I learned of an engagement) my step-sister and that step-cousin came up to visit my house.

I was left alone with my sister, step-sister, and step-cousin one night. After we watched a few movies, I went to my room to surf the net for a while when my step-cousin came in. I could tell there was some kind of connection, and I could see she was visibly akward sitting on my bed. I kick myself to this day for not making a move, which I blamed on our two year age difference at the time (she was 12, I was 14, I know dumb).

Now my mom is married, and I hardly see my step-cousin. I regret not taking advantage of the moment, and I wasn't in as near a good place you are mate. I really think that you could have just walked right into that shower with her. I think it's fine, especially if you haven't known the step-cousin in question for that long.

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A female reader, Nay920 +, writes (21 August 2006):

Its obvious that there was more than friends going on in her mind maybe you should talk to her the next time you can and see whether or not she wanted you to make a move. When i want to have sex with my bf i go and get in the shower and when i get out he makes the move she might just see you as a good friend so maybe you should talk to he and see what it really was.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 August 2006):

I say go for it. All the signs are there. She probably just wants you to make the first move. Ask her, good luck !

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A reader, Mickey_Powell +, writes (20 August 2006):

Mickey_Powell agony auntIf you like her, then maybe you should ask her if she feels the same way... coz if u dont know how she feels and u make a move, u might get rejected and lose her as a friend... there is nothing wrong with fancying your step cousin, my ex-bf was my first cousin and our family was happy that we were going out with each other! So, ask her if she likes you, just to be sure!

Good Luck x

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