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She's lying when she says she doesn't want me back, I'm sure of it!

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Question - (9 August 2005) 1 Answers - (Newest, 12 August 2005)
A male , anonymous writes:

My girlfriend and I have broken up after a year; she says she does not want anything to with me. I know she is lying and trying to be strong for the both of us because she doesn't want to hurt me or me to hurt her. She still loves me and she feels her guilt will go away if she is apart from me. I too have done various things to show her I don't trust her, but whenever she has asked me if I trust I have said I do, purely because I wanted myself to trust her. She has also told me that we are to destructive to ourselves and each other when we are together.

I want to win her back. I love her so much don't know if I can go on without her and am afraid if I give her too much space she will get use to me not being a part of her life. What can I do to win her back?

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A reader, becky05 +, writes (12 August 2005):

You cant win her back, shes made her decision and you must respect this. I think you sound rather deluded over the reasons that you broke up. Why would she be acting like this if she wanted to be with you.

Its time to take off your rose tinted specs and move on withyour life and let her move on with hers.

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