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She tell me I'm not in her life plan but I love her!

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Question - (31 December 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 31 December 2008)
A male United States age 41-50, anonymous writes:

what do i do when the person i love tells me i am not in her life plan. we have not been together for over a year, however, we remain in contact and i saw her very recently. i asked if she still loved me she said in a different way and not in love with me, but i saw in her eyes and her action that in she still is in love with me. we had sexual relations even though she is involved with someone else. she has wanted a baby and through a clinic is now due to have her child in march. i have told her before she became pregnant that i wanted to spend our life together. i know the baby is her first priority and would never get in the way of the child, i just want to have a life with her and the baby. we have not seen each other in six months and as i stated above i know we we see each other she loses focus on her plan and were she wants to go in life. i know that time will tell the future of her actions. what advice do you have for me on this delimma??

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A male reader, roadman United Kingdom +, writes (31 December 2008):

roadman agony auntWell pal you can't really go by what a woman says..

If you love her then just always be there for her until one day you wake up and say I've had enough of this or new love walks into your life where you number 1,,love is one crazy feeling that can send the mind all over the place,but you have to keep it real..

Your clearly the 2nd guy in this case,so its up to you if you want this role or not..

You could tell her till your blue in the face your wants and wishies,but at the end of the day she's always going to do what she wants with who ever she wants..So I'd say don't get to lost in your feelings as she not around to tent to them,if in time things are not going to plan for her,then she might end up on your door step,thing is what have you got to offer this woman?

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