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My husband is a little too rough with sex, I am worried he will hurt me or our baby

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Question - (1 August 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 3 August 2007)
A female United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

Hi guys. I am now 13 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are very excited about our first baby. We want to still have sex during pregnancy but he wants me to do all the work (in our sexual realtionship). Because of the baby I get tired quickly and I not as pleased and when I ask him to do it he is very hard and does everything without even asking me? I really want to have sex with him but for atleast more than an hour and I don't want him to be so harsh and hurt me or my baby? I know he doesn't meant it but he just doesn't realize it when he is doing it. Any advice?

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A female reader, YummyMummy United Kingdom +, writes (3 August 2007):

YummyMummy agony auntYou need to sit down and ask your husband not to be so rough with you. Your body is going through something very stressful and any rough handling could do your baby damage. Sex during pregnancy isn't an issue but I would advise you tell him to stop the hardness.

Also talk to him about the fact you are tired and not feeling "up to it" all the time. I am 28 weeks pregnant and my sex drive is a tiny bit above zero and I used to have quite a high sex drive. It's normal during pregnancy, especially during the first 4 months. I was knackered all the time to begin with. I had a few weeks where I felt semi-normal and now I'm back to being tired all the time as bump has gotten so big.

If your guy doesn't stop being rough after you have asked him to stop then say you don't want to have sex as it may harm your baby. He can't make you have sex with him. If it really worries you then put a stop to it.

If he really doesn't know he's being too harsh with you then you talking to him will let him know to be a little gentler.


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A male reader, leonard j.Douglas Philippines +, writes (2 August 2007):

Hi! Why don't you let your Husband read this E-Mail. Hi! Mr.Rough: I know that you love your wife dearly, But sometimes us men get carried away when we make love to a woman However, A Woman's body need a gentile,loving touch, unlike a man's body, when you make love to her, More so when she is 13 weeks PG. Did you ever hear of "Foreplay"? to be quite brief. It's the use of your hands and mouth to manually,or orally stimulate your wife's whole wonderful, sexy body. You start at her feet using your hands and tongue, and then you slowly begin working your way up towards Her genitals, (But you don't stop there), you just pass on by her Passionflower,Her vagina. And you move on up her stomach to her lovable breasts, neck, and lips, but don't neglect her lovely ,soft hair. You will soon discover,or rediscover, just how silky soft and beautiful a woman's body can be. And it's one Hell of a sexual turn-on for any man. Yet the best is yet to come, as your hands and tongue,after playing with her breasts,slowly move down towards her Passionflower,don't rush, take your time. When your face has come into contact with her soft, pubic hair. Then Heavenlyvalley will be right below your face, and ready for your company. And if you have done a good job,and have brought her to the peak of her sexual arousal. The door to Heavenlyvalley will be open wide, and the welcome-mat will say, "Come on in". You can use your fingers to bring her to wonderful orgasms, note I said, "Orgasms", She can have more than just one. But keep in mind that any finger-play in Heavehlyvalley will call for the Lubrication of her vaginal-lips and also a little ways into the vagina it's self. At the top of the vagina,where the two vaginal lips come together is her Clitoris. It's a small button of flesh, and can best be seen when the vagina has fully opened-up. I find that oral sex,using my tongue,works much better,beacuse there is no need to use any greasy lubrication. Also it is the nicest way to tell a woman, "I love you". And with her Love- quakes, Orgasmic contractions in my face, I know the her orgasm isn't faked, but is real Even if your wife wasn't PG. you both can learn to be better lovers. So what I'm saying,"you don't need to have your penis in her vagina at this point, in her Physical condition, to have sex, and she too can learn to please you sexually in other ways.

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