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My husband always takes the side of our children to the point they all become abusive! What should I do?

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Question - (20 January 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 20 January 2008)
A female United States age 51-59, anonymous writes:

help - my husband of 24 years does not stand up for me - he always takes the side of our children to the point of them being very verbally abusive and physical as well. He does not step in to support me. I am at the point of leaving - what should I do?

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A female reader, Moonbeam Spectra United Kingdom +, writes (20 January 2008):

You poor mummy, I really don't think your husband respects you much it sounds similar to my case except i'm one of the child who followed my dad to turn abusive towards my mum. He really encouraged me at the time, i called her a whore and many awful things that i regret so so much. I now seek counseling to deal with my anger and troubled relationships. I see myself like my dad in every relationship I had been in, I can't be affectionate to anyone and I get emotional issues. My mum is very gentle and forgiving, now I treat her great even more so now that she has developed advanced cancer, I give her anything she wants, Me, my siblings and my dad was blamed by my relatives for her sufferings and possible stress that lead to cancer although this can not be proven. One of my sibling is also seeking help now for mental issues.

You have to do something about this, let your husband know what he is doing. If he doesn't listen then there's only one answer to that, leave him and take the children, don't turn back. You deserve more than he can offer and you will do this to save yourself and your children. Seek family counseling and do not leave it to get worse.

good luck

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 January 2008):

GO! Honestly, you dont deserve this. They should love and respect you and you should have to put up with any kind of abuse, either mental or physical. He is an idiot for doing this to you. And whether it is 24 years or 24 months, get out of there now. Walk.

Tell him exactly how you feel and let him know that you want a divorce and you are entitled to half, dont walk away with nothing, unless you are really desperate, as i was.

Or go along and have a word with a solicitor and see how you stand, what your next move should be, financially etc, then have a word with him and put this all into motion. Hopefully, you will get some cash so you can start again and maybe rent a little flat to begin with. Let me know how you get on, but honestly, you deserve better. Life is much too short so stop wasting another minute of it. Act now.

take care


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