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My girlfriend is getting late night phone calls and texts!

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Question - (26 March 2010) 1 Answers - (Newest, 26 March 2010)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:


My girlfriend and I use to have problems with her texting and calling guys late at night. I told her I was uncomfortable 3 times with it but she has done it again. Even though we both never cheated on each other and been together almost 4 years. I still feel very uncomfortable with her talking to another guy at night time, especially around like 10PM to the early morning. We just got back togther after a 2 month break up and I am really trying to make it work, but I do not want to go through this again so I sent her the text saying:

"Hey babe I know your asleep and all but I just got to say that I love you and you are my everything and more. But cell phone situations with these guys has to stop now. Male friends are cool, but all this texting and calling them late at night and in general has to either slow down or stop. It is very uncomfortable for me and by me telling you this various times I thought you'd get the point. just because they know your family, have a girlfriend, you just trying to be friends with them or whatever doesn't mean anything and you need to realize that. _______ was the perfect example. I've been through this more than 3 times and I am not going to go through this again. We've been through too much and came too far for this too still exist. You said its you and I from now on. Well you need to start thinking about us and not just you. I do my part, I need you to do yours. If not then this is going to push me away from you. Its not attractive, its unhealthy, and its a bad habit. Everything else between us is excellent. You're perfect with everything else truthfully. But you have a weakness when it comes to males. And if you do not realize that and keep doing you. I will eventually be gone.."

Does this message sound good, okay, or bad? I want her to know that I am not going to go through again and again and I want it to stop. I told her I was uncomfortable and it keeps occuring. I really do love my girlfriend when been together forever, but this needs to stop. So is this message good? And if not can you please help me on what to say???? Thanks people.

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A female reader, YourDestiny11 United States +, writes (26 March 2010):

YourDestiny11 agony auntYour message is perfect. You made sure to tell her that u love her but feel uncomfortable with the late nite calls and texts. u made it clear u are putting ur foot down which is what u need to do. Hold ur ground. good luck.

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