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Is this love... for a priest?

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Question - (25 February 2010) 4 Answers - (Newest, 15 April 2010)
A female Philippines age 30-35, anonymous writes:


Please don't angry with me, I know that this is wrong, but actually i just want to share my feelings. You know I have a friend of mine who is a PRIEST, he is not handsome actually, but he is Good. We became closed, I realized one day that I am in loved with this priest because of his kindness to me.

I don't know if it is love, because I really wanted to be with him, i want to talk to him, just to be with him. But despite of those feelings I always pray for him for his sanctification, for his perseverance in his vocation I couldn't deny sometime I want to hug him. But I can control. please help me to realize. please I need your advice. reply to my E mail. thanks

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A female reader, Redwillow United Kingdom +, writes (15 April 2010):

I too have been in this situation. It's a powerful combination of wanting something you know you cannot have and being attracted to their 'goodness'. In my case - I admitted my feelings but they weren't reciprocated...although he flirted with me and texted me several times a day. Maybe they feel lonely too? However, I think you deserve to find someone who IS available and is able to be honest about his feelings. Try to forget him. It's for the best in the long run. God bless.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (9 March 2010):

I have been having the same problem you have. This priest is not handsome at all, but he is a co-worker, and we are together everyday. When we are close, I feel an unexpected attraction and I have noticed he likes to touch my arm, hug me and look at me (which is something very rare in a priest). I think your feelings are a combination of admiration and love (when you love, you admire). I would never tell my priest what I feel. If I were you, I would let him make the first move...

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A female reader, sweetiebabes Philippines +, writes (25 February 2010):

sweetiebabes agony auntHello. I understand your feelings as I had few priest friends and some were close to our family. It is okay to fall in love even with a priest but set limitations to what you feel, you need to know it is not right and you will end up in pain if you continue falling in love with him.

I say this for I have a relative and a friend of mine who were involved with a priest and honestly even have children with them but their lives became miserable and they suffered in life. I say this to you not to scare you but these are based upon what I observed as both priests are family's friend. Funny (thinking), I don't only know 2 but 4 as my family are really closed to the church and at the same time they are closed to us...

If you want to disclose your feelings to him that's fine but know there will be a reaction afterwards, either he may still talk to you in a brotherly manner or completely avoid you...this will also cause confusions at his end...

I cannot tell if your feelings for him is really LOVE or perhaps just an admiration for you see in him the qualities of a man you like most...most importantly KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT and DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Goodluck!

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A female reader, Angzw Zimbabwe +, writes (25 February 2010):

Dont feel bad about your feelings. Even God himself said man should not be alone... Love between man and woman is good too in God's eyes. The only problem is that because of his vows he might not be able to give you what you want. He is an adult so tell him how you feel, write a letter or something just to get it off your chest. I don't think he will date you but who knows? Just take that chance. All the best.

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