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Is my husband cheating? He doesn't come home and blames our fights on me.

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Question - (19 September 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 19 September 2008)
A female United States age 30-35, *smeralda1987 writes:

I been with my husband for 6 years married for 5. he got a job 2years a go as a driver. in the first couple of months it was good coming home in time then everything change he started coming home late then not coming home at all an his excuse was the truc brook down and i had to stay there and sleep and wouldnt answer my calls an we have 3 beautiful girls. lately seems like he gets anoyed by them when his home all he wants to do is sleep n for any thing he wants to fight and then blame it on me i dont now what to do i want to leave him but is so hard his the only guy i ever been with

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A female reader, epifanatical Australia +, writes (19 September 2008):

epifanatical agony auntwheres theres smoke theres fire.. the alarm bells are ringing.. it seems the communication has broken down... so its time for you to sit him down and ask in a non threatening way whats up? ask about how work is going, how he feels about the marriage, and why the sudden change? be prepared for some defensive comeback.. and if there is.. remind him gently that if the situation was reversed.. he would be questioning you too.. you desreve to know the truth sweetee.. and the longer you leave it the worst it will prolly get.. so dont let it fester.. have that conversation soon !! i wish you the best :)

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A female reader, Aunty Em United Kingdom +, writes (19 September 2008):

Aunty Em agony auntIt is possible. But don't make up your mind just yet! You only have sufficiant evidence to prove that he's being a grouch lately.

Maybe he's having a difficult time at work which has put a lot of stress on him lately. Have you asked him? Have you let him know you're there for him? That you'll do anything to help? It might just be him feeling very alone in a difficult situation.

Don't assume the worst just yet.

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