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I'm getting ready to graduate. Have I lost my best chances for dating?

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Question - (22 December 2010) 2 Answers - (Newest, 22 December 2010)
A male United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I'm getting ready to graduate college in May which is a pretty cool thing to me. However I do have some worries. I am one semester away from graduating and yet I have never had a girlfriend, or even kissed a girl (let alone more than that). And to be honest it kind of bothers me. I have friends and stuff I like to do so I'm not completely desperate but it would be nice to have a girlfriend (or at least get my first kiss).

I'm worried because I feel like college presents the best opportunity to date and meet people and if I can't do well here how much better will I do when I'm not constantly surrounded by young attractive women with similar interests? So I guess my main question is whether or not I've screwed up my best chance at dating.

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A male reader, LovelessAct1 United States +, writes (22 December 2010):

I happen to be in the same situation. I graduate from college this May and have been newly single for a good few months now after a long relationship. I suppose a lot of me has been in panic mode, as I also fear the end of college being an end to meeting girls.

But while it may be true that the "outside world" doesn't possess the same level of community that college does, that doesn't mean you can't meet women. You still have your college friends, right? You still have a group of people you're close to? Continue to stay connected with them. Eventually, I'm sure they'll bring new people in as they meet others in their lines of work. The more you go out, the better the chances are at getting to know someone.

Plus there is always grad school! Trust me, I've spent some time worrying about this myself, and am looking forward to seeing if anyone else has anything good to say on your topic, but I'd still recommend not worrying about it too much. And don't rush into anything either just for the sake of having a girlfriend! Bad decision!

I'm sure all will turn out well. Keep your head up, keep in touch with friends, go out, and in no time you'll find someone you're interested in. Best of luck!

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A male reader, Welsh Uncle Dave United Kingdom +, writes (22 December 2010):

Simple answer is no you haven't.

While you're young you tend to let your hair down and have more fun, but it is not the be all and end all.

There are so many other opportunities to meet women either through socialising, work, dating sites etc.

So don't worry.

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