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I'm gay and I think my cousin is Bi. Should I tell him how I feel about him?

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Question - (10 April 2011) 3 Answers - (Newest, 11 April 2011)
A male Philippines age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hi guys, this is my first time writing down a question in the site. ^^

Here goes..and this could be kinda long.

I'm an 18 year old gay male, and..I have this cousin that I 'think' I like.

We grew up together with this cousin of mine since third grade when we moved in the place we live in. When we were young, we usually play video games and stuff, we had our share of talks about lots of things. There even came a point when we had a fight and haven't talked for weeks because of a videogame.

We live very near each others' and he's kinda close with my brother and i'm close with his sister so we had the more reasons to go to each others' houses. As we grew older, and the way we think changed, I kinda think the level of affection I harbor for him wasn't in a friendship kind of level. I sometimes think about him when I'm horny(sigh)I also suspect my cousin could be Bi because for a long time he hasn't got a girlfriend, and also the way he acts around me, the stares, the words, the gestures(ugh!). I'm open about my being gay and everyone in my family knows about it(even my neighbors) and IF he's not my cousin I would really fall for him. But trouble is, HE IS my cousin. I try my oh-so best to divert it but it's kinda hard, and it's still so awkward to be around him.

Are my feelings okay? Will it be okay if I tell him about it? Or shouldn't I? Should I wait for him to do the first move? I think it's too late... I don't know..


-Charlie's Angel

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (11 April 2011):

Thanks guys. Umm now, the wanting ain't as strong anymore. I've been so immersed in school, and plus its summer... been doing lots of things to keep those thoughts out. I know I'm already old enough to say it's all just a passing trend ^^, feels nice to express it here where I could never anywhere else ~.~ Thankie

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A reader, anonymous, writes (11 April 2011):

Unfortunately I'm with Nester. I know all about forbidden/unrequited love - it's like my life's story. And I'll admit, when I was younger, I had a little crush my cousin. Why? I don't know. Maybe we all are, just a little bit.

The best way to move on is to concentrate on other things like school, or work. And eventually you'll find someone else.

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A female reader, nester United States +, writes (10 April 2011):

Not a good idea because first of all he is family #2 another thing is that he might not even be bi. and even if he was why would you even think that you are the person he wants to be with . So please please do not tell him anything . or say you do tell him how you feel then he might not ever talk to you again. just let it go because all your going to do is cause hard feelings between the two of you.move on.

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