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I'm afraid I'm moving too slowly for my girlfriend!

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Question - (17 December 2005) 3 Answers - (Newest, 18 December 2005)
A male , anonymous writes:


I have a problem with being too shy with girls (it's the reason my last girlfriend dumped me). I can never work up the nerve to kiss the girl no matter how much i dig her or she digs me. I'm not saying I can't kiss them or move to the sequential bases but i just move very slowly. I'm scared that this problem is going to cause my new girlfriend to leave me like the last one. Is my fear justified?

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A female reader, kathy x x +, writes (18 December 2005):


i dont think there is anything wrong with moving slowely!

as long as you do actuely move forward.

i have done things too fast in the past and i regret it all now.

mabey you should talk to your lady friend about this and see if she feels your moving too slow and if she feels ok with it your fine.

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A reader, kt United Kingdom +, writes (17 December 2005):

kt agony auntit depends. girls arent all the same, so some will like to move fast and some will like to move slow. it all depends on which one she is. but dont rush yourself into kissing its something you have to be ready for to make it specail, i did it too early and now i hate kissing. so just explain to herthat you are too shy and you just want a relationship without kissing, well, for now

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A female reader, wicky +, writes (17 December 2005):

Your girlfreind didn't dump you because you are too shy, she dumped you because you weren't right for her. Their is no pressure to rush into anything you are not ready for. It makes you to special to not just have one thing on you mind. You have feelings for a reason, if you don't feel comfortable with performing sexual acts it is because your subconscious is telling you that you are not ready. Don't worry about your shyness because it will be the worrying that ends your relationship rather than your characteristics.

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