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I want to confess and tell my friend I have feelings for her...

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Question - (15 January 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 16 January 2009)
A female Singapore age 26-29, *0N53NSE writes:

Honesty.. I have been in love with this girl I'll call her X better.. So, I have loved X for almost 5 years, actually only 4 years and few weeks. Not many people know that I'm a lesbian.

I have not even confessed to her yet but I'm struggling if I should tell her now before I have no more chance.. but if I said out I scare she wont be able to concentrate in her studies.. in fact this year is very important to her..

and.. I really feel very bad to keep lying to her.. but yet I have no idea what I should do. I really want to confess to her.

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A female reader, SmoothCoffee64 United States +, writes (16 January 2009):

SmoothCoffee64 agony auntHello,

I know it's hard to keep things bottle up inside. Some day your going to have to tell her how you feel. You can develop anxiety attacks and you don't want to lose sleep.

I'm sure she will feel flattered by how you feel about her. Let her know that your feeling about her is innocent. She's your BFF.

Good Luck!

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