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I think my lecturer doesn't like me and I'm being targetted

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Question - (13 March 2018) 1 Answers - (Newest, 14 March 2018)
A male United States age 16-17, anonymous writes:

I feel like my teacher doesn't like me, is punishing or testing me. We switched groups today and has purposely put 2 very strong opinionated people who were debating the day before. The lecturer told one of the students that she put those 2 together on purpose.I don't need to be tested and I have come here to learn, not babysit or be the intermediater. I don't know if I should discuss this with the lecturer but I am not happy. I had a headache within 1 hr of them being together. I have experience in man management and can do the job but it is not what I am here for. What should I do? What are other signs I can look out for if I am being targetted?

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (14 March 2018):

Honeypie agony auntAh, mandatory forced group work! Got to HATE it. While it's supposedly teaches us how to work with all kind of different personalities...

Personally, I always HATED "forced" group work because I quite often found myself pulling the weight of most of the group EVERY time. I HATED to rely on other people for MY grades. And I found that sometimes it's just plain LAZINESS from teachers who rather have 5 groups of papers to grade than a whole class-full. (of course I'm not call your teacher lazy here - she is probably hooping to teach you all problem solving here).

Do talk to your teacher if you feel there group isn't being productive with these two constantly butting heads. There is no learning is watching two people argue over the color of the sky or whatnot.

However, SHE might CHOOSE to leave you in that group and then you will have to DO the best you can with WHAT you can.

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