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I kissed a co-worked. Feeling guilty and don't know what to do.

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Question - (30 April 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 30 April 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

I am completly to blame for what I've done but I need advice.

About 2 months ago a new guy started working in my office. We hit it off straightaway and flirted, it was harmless and I have a boyfriend and he has a girl friend.

We were sent on a course together wednesday - just the 2 of us and it was a long drive- nearly 3 hours to ge there and 3 hours to ge back. Now on the way back we stopped for petrol and a coffee- we sat in the car and we kissed! We both just leaned forward and kissed! He was keen to go on but I pulled away reminding him of our partners.

Then it felt so awkward and the rest of the journey home was awkward. We barely spoke.

When i got home, he txts me saying he wasn't sorry we kissed because he liked it and he felt something, as much as I hate to admit it I felt something too(I told him I didn't feel anything).

My bf works away alot and get lonley alot of the time but I would NEVER leave him, I've never done this before but feel so guilty! What do I do?? Do I tell my bf?? Do I admit to my colleague I enjoyed it too??

The past 2 days at work have been ok, we acted normal as we don't want any one to catch on.... Help please.

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A male reader, rcn United States +, writes (30 April 2010):

rcn agony auntIt may seem okay to not tell your boyfriend, but as guilt works, not doing so will take its tole. Guilt expands when keeping this secret. You may not notice it now, but later on it will be quite evident.

As the other poster said, you're feeling guilty, but I bet the co-worker (in his comment) didn't feel as if he acted wrong against his girlfriend. He may be someone who, when having a girlfriend, likes to get some on the side as well. So it's your call of what you're going to be doing in this situation.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (30 April 2010):

right, dont tell your boyfriend! just go with it, maybee dump your bf and see how things go with this other guy.. if you reaaaallly like your bf then stick with him and forget about this work guy. do what ever you feel is right, who do you want to go for?

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A female reader, goowes United States +, writes (30 April 2010):

goowes agony aunt you need to pick one and let the other know, the co-worker is okay with deciet ? that says it could be done to you by him if you choose him. Tell your bf of the attraction, that is a rule if you respect him enough to protect himself or fight for you. The kiss that is your call.

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