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I found sperm in my in my husband's underwear!

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Question - (16 October 2007) 7 Answers - (Newest, 12 May 2016)
A female United Kingdom age 41-50, *iamondblueeyes writes:

dose sperm come out of a mans penis if he dont have sex or have a wank cause i found sperm in my husband underwear . iv been told his been seeing some els but he says he not is their any other way to find out if he is

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A reader, anonymous, writes (12 May 2016):

He may be looking at porn.

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A male reader, brad272727 Australia +, writes (1 January 2009):

i defently get pre-cum in my undies, especially in boxers because the loose fabric rubbing against it...if he was having an affair he would have put the cum in a condom or someone, not in his undies...he's probably just wanking himself...i wank into my undies and leave cum stains and would hate being confrounted about it by my wife so dont say anything

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A male reader, Dextro69 United Kingdom +, writes (16 October 2007):

Dextro69 agony auntSperm or pre cum most likly will come out of the penis all the time. it happens to me whenether i get turned on this could be just watching a sex secene on the tv or talking dirty to my fiance. now thinking about it my underwear has less traces of any sex after sex than it does when i havent had any. You need to ask yourself why you belive the person who told you he was cheating and who you trust more before you take anything further

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A female reader, TasteofIndia United States + , writes (16 October 2007):

TasteofIndia agony auntI don't think finding the remains of ejaculation in his underwear is any indication of cheating. Besides, if he was cheating, he probably would've had his pants off and the the semen would probably landed on or in someONE.

Guys can definitely get a little leakage on their underwear just like we ladies can ABSOLUTELY get a little discharge on ours. Let this one go.


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A male reader, Tommy7 United States +, writes (16 October 2007):

Sperm can come out for many reasons other than cheating, esp in sleep. You don't have enough evidence to prove cheating.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 October 2007):

Why don't you politely ask him about it? Are there any other things tangled up in his clothing - like hair, make-up marks etc? If you want to go the whole hog there is spy equipment that you can buy online (checks for deleted texts, emails etc) but its a slippery slope of distrust. Key signs are usually coming home late, making excuses, hiding his phone, being more attentive or a lot less than usual. Monitor things but I think the 'evidence' you have so far is not enough to say he is a cheat. If stressed, excited or just a bit full up men can shoot their load a bit.

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A female reader, flower girl United Kingdom +, writes (16 October 2007):

flower girl agony auntIt most certainly does babe, if he gets slightly aroused it can happen and it does not definatly maen he is having an affair and not being funny but how do you know that he has not been wa'king himself off, not all men make a song and dance about doing it.

Take care.xx.

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