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How to "go down" on a guy, I need good tips!

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Question - (20 March 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 20 March 2008)
A female United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I need good tips on going down on a guy. I know I never do a very good job, but no one has ever told me how so I am not sure if I am even doing it right or at least very good.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 March 2008):

Basics ... touching, caressing is most important, and that alone will drive him nuts. Giving head is a combination of oral and manual, such as masterbation. Together will please most men. If you need an object to practice with, either a cucumber or hot dog will do.

Starting from scratch, open up his zipper and slowly pull it out. No reason to be in a hurry, but on an a search and exploration mission. Check every nuoke and cranny, learn to enjoy the search, the playfulness, and he will enjoy it. The testicle are sensitive to pressure. The head of the penis is as sensitive as the clitorus, so no teeth here, and don't over do it here. Underneath, below the head portion is the trigger for orgasm, but touching any part, along with fondling the scrotum is pure pleasure for him. Even holding on to his penis, as men hold onto the breast is warm, connected pleasure for him.


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A female reader, starfairy United Kingdom +, writes (20 March 2008):

starfairy agony auntThe best advice is have fun, and explore a little. Do different things, guys don't just want up-down sucking. Take the full shaft in your mouth, give a little deep throat if you can, without gagging lol. Suck the end, roll your tongue around, make litrle movements, different sucking movements with your mouth.

The best way to learn is to be comfortable with the person you are giving the blow job to, and be comfortable enough to experiment and have fun with it.

I'm sure he won't mind if you ask if he's enjoying it, or ask him what he liked best.

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A female reader, Skeez United Kingdom +, writes (20 March 2008):

Skeez agony aunthmm ive heard that guys dont really like it when you actually suck the tip of the penis. My ex told me it was really nice when you make a rotating motion with your tongue over the tip. Also just moving it in and out of your mouth. Try not to scrape it on your teeth, but most of the time thats avoidable. Erm also...the "bellend" as people put it, it feels really nice when you rub the end where the skin goes in. (dont know what you call that bit) but pretty much the top bit facing you. If you just do quick licks maybe.

Then again every guy likes something different. So next time why dont you just ask him what he likes. Best thing to do really.

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