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How To Flirt With A Shy Boy?

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Question - (18 October 2010) 1 Answers - (Newest, 18 October 2010)
A female Canada age 26-29, anonymous writes:

So this question may seem very primal and maybe obvious to some, but I'm a girl who normally rushes in and pushes a little to much when it comes to her affection with men. I met someone how I really enjoy getting to know and am trying really hard not to be over bearing and let it flow naturally, but my question is .. how do I flirt? How do I let this shy boy know I'm interested with out blatantly shoving my affection in his face?

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A female reader, Indie23 Australia +, writes (18 October 2010):

Indie23 agony auntDon't freak him out by coming on too strong, but don't stop being yourself just to get him to like you.

I suggest just casually talking to him. Ask him questions about himself, try to get a conversation going and find some common interests to talk about.

Invite him out for coffee or something low key and tell him you like him and want to spend more time getting to know him. That's my best advice.


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