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How do you get the one you like to like you?

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Question - (8 November 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 11 November 2010)
A female United States age 22-25, *elaBoo writes:

how do u get the one u like to like you..?? or how do u get a boiyfriend..?? i mean cuz i talk to my guy friends everyday and i still want to know how to get a boyfried if there not coming to you at the moment.. i mean dont get me wrong i do have some experience with guys but not alot cuz i havent had any lately but i seem to turn down i the guys that like me now i want to know how to go after a guy just because?

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A female reader, MelaBoo United States +, writes (11 November 2010):

MelaBoo is verified as being by the original poster of the question

MelaBoo agony auntthank you guys so much and i wil be doin just what u guys told me to do!... and i will be writin more questions lol

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A male reader, LovelessAct1 United States +, writes (9 November 2010):

You're still young so I'm sure guys your age are still self conscious about getting close to a girl, which is natural. Honestly just be yourself and let them see the true you.

There's really no big secret that everyone has been keeping from you; no "official guide to getting boys." Different guys enjoy different aspects of girls; that's why its important to be honest with who you are. Don't worry about making yourself into something you're not. Trust me, you would much rather attract a guy who wants the real you. And there will be one of those guys out there.

Be patient. Be you.

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A female reader, [?]BitterSweetFinale;[?] United States +, writes (9 November 2010):

[?]BitterSweetFinale;[?] agony auntTry to give them hints, don't come off too hard. Sort of pull their attention.. Wear different attire, do your makeup nicely. Find things you have in common, just please don't get a boyfriend to get them to notice you.. Someone may end up with a broken heart. But anyway, do what you feel is best. Be confident my dear, xoxo.

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