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How do I bring up having a baby with him?

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Question - (11 April 2010) 2 Answers - (Newest, 12 April 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

okay so this is basically a lot of questions about my relationship...

one- last year my boyfriend asked me to marry him (without a ring), it was amazing, i thought we were close before but that has made us 'one'. we looked at rings and i picked out one i liked and he was positive about doing it officially and telling everyone... then everything went quiet...

we are so close it is unbelievable, but im a bit uneasy about bringing up the subject after so long as i dont know what he will reply to why no more has been said in so long... so do i talk to him? and how do i go about doing it?

also, for a good 3 years now ive been wanting a baby. its all ive been thinking about. ive got pleanty of experience as i have a two nieces aged 6months and a year 2 months, i spend most days with them, feeding, changing, bathing, putting them to sleep. yes i know babies are hard work but i can do this. i have a descent job and i drive and i have the most amazing, caring, and committed boyfriend ever. we live each others lives around each other and would do anything for each other. back along we did talk about having children at some point. as with the last question, how do i go about breaching the subject?

im sorry it was long, but thankyou for reading and helping

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A female reader, Moo's Mum New Zealand +, writes (12 April 2010):

Moo's Mum agony auntIt's hard to tell from your post whether you and your boyfriend are actually engaged it kind of reads like maybe it didn't happen. If he has in fact backed out on the engagement I wouldn't consider having a child with him. Having kids is bloody hard work and if you end up having to do it alone it will be even harder for you. You are quite young still (I didn't have my first child until I was 29) so don't feel as though your time is running out, you still have loads of years left to have kids.

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A female reader, Ich_liebe_dich Philippines +, writes (12 April 2010):

Ich_liebe_dich agony auntjust wait a minute, please dont find it in a wrong way, just wanna ask how old are you? 16 or 17? and what job do you do?

because in your post you are in 16/17 years old so is this 16/17 are already able to find a good and descent job?

maybe only the post of age is the mistake here. if you said you are already able to do the responsabilites for the child then why not. talk openly to him i think its ok. but if you are really in 16/17 years old, i think dreaming of a baby is not bad but to bring it in a reality well im not sure yet about that. lets wait for the others advice here ok. anyway i wish you luck..

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