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How can I tell if I'm pregnant without the test???

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Question - (14 September 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 1 February 2009)
A female , anonymous writes:

how can i tell if i am pregnant without taking the test?

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A female reader, jtlutzy21 United States +, writes (1 February 2009):

There are many different ways to tell. Although some women can go up to 6 months without knowing at all, but hopefully you aren't one of them.

First, you miss your period.

Some earlier symptoms are having to pee more often, like in the middle of the night, trouble falling asleep or trouble falling back asleep if you wake up. Having food cravings or you don't want to eat any of your favorite foods anymore.

Your breasts can become sore and feel heavier, or tingly and your nipples feel numb. Also your areolas get darker and maybe look swollen or puffy.

Frequent headaches and constipation and/or bloating are common.

The constant taste of metal in your mouth, or your gums bleed more than usual when you brush your teeth.

Also you can feel like you're cramping, but there's no menstruation and intercourse feels different, like there isn't as much room LOL Your cervix drops a bit once conception occurs. And increased discharge without ithcing or burning. (NOT the discharge that comes with a yeast infection.)

Actually everything that I have just said is what I'm feeling right now and it just started about 3 days ago. I am almost 2 months late on my period. And just to add, I took two tests 7 days after my missed period and they were negative, but the pregnancy hormone can sometimes take longer to be detected, so a blood test is a sure fire way to find out. Good luck!

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A female reader, totyina United States +, writes (3 June 2008):

you can become light headed have head akes missed pirod being upset and sleepy

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A female reader, stina United States +, writes (14 September 2006):

stina agony auntHi Anon,

Without a test (and even with an over the counter test) it's hard to determine if you're pregnant for sure. A lot of symptoms of pregnancy can be symptoms of other things such as too much stress, etc.

Here is a website that breaks down symptoms by trimester.

But please contact your doctor and schedule an appointment for an actual test if you think you might be pregnant. You could also visit a free clinic if you don't have the funds. In either case, depending on your age, there is doctor/patient confidentiality and they can discuss options that you should consider for your future. Okay?

Take care.

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A female reader, Nay920 +, writes (14 September 2006):

the only way other than taking the test is if you dont come on your period or if you start to get morning sickeness and funny little cravings thats when you no you need to get a preagancy test.Most of the time you cant tell unless you get a test or even when you sleep all the time and eat alot theres is a possibility that you might be pregnant or it might be depression.If you think you might be pregnant than you need to get a test.HOPE THAT INFO HELPED.

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