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How can i make myself last longer in bed with out coming to soon?

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Question - (10 March 2007) 1 Answers - (Newest, 10 March 2007)
A male United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

How can i make myself last longer in bed with out coming to soon?

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A female reader, JulietteElise United States +, writes (10 March 2007):

JulietteElise agony aunthello! I have answerd this question many times, so here is the advice i've given before:

One of the things you can do to enhance your/her "fun" since you cum quickly is for you to do extended forplay and going down on her, etc before you have sex so she will have already orgasimed before you get to sex.... and even masterbateing an hour or two before you have sex can help you last longer. You can also pull out/stop movement when you feel close, but i do have a few other tips/tricks.

For you to last longer inside of her, there are several other things you can do. At many adult stores and online adult store sites they sell something called a "cock ring" which is supposed to prevent the bloodflow from leaveing after the male cums so you will stay hard longer to keep pleaseing her, as well as to even prevent you (the male) from cumming so quickly. Also sold are some "desenceatizers" in lube, pill, spray, and so forth, so you can last longer, and some of these, instead of makeing you numb, actualy increase his sensitivity but in a way that makes you last longer (no clue how that works, but it does apparently! lol).

Also using condoms can help you last longer, and some of these also come with the "numbing" stuff inside to help you last longer. A site i love for all of this stuff (and so much more!!! yay!!) is adam and eve ( because besides selling many of these products at resonable prices (and once a member you get lots of discounts through your e-mail... and free toys with purcheases!!!) they give reviews of many of the products written by people who have used the products, and the site dousnt JUST show the good reviews, but the bad reviews as well(!!!) so you can feel more confident with your buys, etc. Also.... there are some types of exercises he can do to try to last a bit longer, but i'm not really sure what these are... i just vaugly remeber reading about it somewhere so resurch would be needed.

Another thing is for you to masterbate with a very tight grip so you eventually becomes less sensitive and can then last longer.

However, my best advice would be for you to use extended forplay and make her cumm beforehand, as well as useing a cockring and/or numbing products with a condom and to stop when you feel close. This is what i have found most helpfull because my b/f is also a premature ejaculator.....

and, try NOT to overly stress about the whole thing and thus makeing yourself insequre, for stress and anxiety can also cause you to not "proform."

also, if you both think its okay, you could always use toys such as dildos or vibrators on her either before or after you have cum so she can keep beeing pleased.

best of luck!

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