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Help with irregular periods and pains.

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Question - (31 July 2011) 3 Answers - (Newest, 1 August 2011)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

with my period, im always at different times sometimes its at the begining of the month middle of the month or towards the end,

My last period was 28 june,so that that maybe over 4 weeks ago,

i have the symptoms of one starting like pains in my belly but only seems to be at night, so every night i where a pad just incase its starts but every morning nothing, and now im starting to get a bit worried and thinking bout getting a test, or going to the doctors as with like i said all symptoms but nothing

Has any female got any problams like this

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A female reader, person12345 United States +, writes (1 August 2011):

person12345 agony auntIt you're having irregular periods and pains you should go see a doctor to rule out any hormonal problems.

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A female reader, VSAddict United States +, writes (31 July 2011):

VSAddict agony auntGo to the doctor. They can give you a better diagnosis/solution than any of us can.

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A female reader, Beauty2010 United States +, writes (31 July 2011):

Beauty2010 agony auntOh my. I'm having the same exact problems and symptoms, no lie. This is happening to me now. Like every night, i have this pain in the bottom of my stomach, and i be thinking it's my period but it's too early and if it is coming early then where's the blood? I don't know what it is but i think i'm going to the dr. soon. I suggest that to you as well.

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