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He patted me on the shoulder, does he like me?

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Question - (29 July 2007) 1 Answers - (Newest, 29 July 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

hi their there is this guy i really like were both shy and i dont know if he likes me that way either but the other day in the shop he touched my shoulder aukwardly kinda like a pat it was odd because were friends and not very close so i was wondering if anyone knew any ideas on how i find out he likes me and what i should do to make it go forward cheers xx

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A female reader, Mickii  United Kingdom +, writes (29 July 2007):

hellllllo, sounds to me that he doesn't know what to do, he might like you, but he may feel verrrrry awkward about it! do you think he knows about you liking him? i think you should try talking to him through msn or myspace orrr even texting him or something, just casually ask him for his number (if you don't already have it) :) at least then you can't see eachother and you don't have to be shy with one another, once you feel your relationship has developed maybe ask if you can both go out somewhere like bowling or something, maybe ask one of your freinds to come along so again you don't appear shy. Just let it develop but try to talk to him as much as you can, make him feel comfortable, then he'll begin to act the same with you :) when you feel this person has mutual feelings for you then ask him about the two of you :D good luck! xxxx

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