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Feeling lonely because of having no one to talk to

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Question - (29 August 2014) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 August 2014)
A male India age 26-29, *mit thakur writes:

i feel so lonely. i am a 22 year old boys. i have always been an introvert guy and i doesnt go out that much but go out as often i can.

often times i feel very lonely and i cry because of having no one with me. my parents are not that supportive and someone with whom i can share my feelings.they just keep pressuring me for everything. they never asked me what i am feeling and they have been always like that. i just need someone to whome i can share my feelings.

the friends that i made have either left me or dont talk to me. i try very hard to make friends but they never lasts and end up leaving me.

i often see other people who have so many friends and they enjoy a lot. i always wanted that.a real true friend i often cry at nights


i dont know what to do.. i dont like when people say that go out or be sociable because it not that easy for me and i dont want a number of friends. i just want someone to be with me when i need a shoulder.people say that go ut and try new hobbies and join a social doesnt work that way for me. i am not depressed but just lonely.

often i feel tired and frustated. and worse part is i cant share this to anyone because there is no one to share it to.

if someone could give me an advice to what is the problem with me or what should i do..

i will appreciate that

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A male reader, silentwatch Philippines +, writes (31 August 2014):

Hei.. once in a while everybody feels the same way...

but if we analyse deep the main thing was our priorities.. if we have the option to choose only one thing.. we dont get confused.. having multiple options will carry some trouble.

the first thing you should do now is to get engaged in doing something.. do not matter what..and no second thought as to which one is better.

for a start

1)- Arrange your room or house. make it neat and plant some flowers... do not shy asking for the same from your neighbors and friends... continue this for 3 weeks and tell use your story

2)- Try to look around and see if there is anyone who need a helping hand.. offer your services (of course free of cost :) )

3) Forget your pains.... you are born to help others.. not just you

the trick to friendship is not thinking about it.. but being friendly.. but you need not worry about it..

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A male reader, WiseOwlE United States + , writes (31 August 2014):

I believe you've written DC several times with the same problem. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how to have a personality or offer you an instruction manual how to make friends. There are books and publications on the subject; but if you go out with the self-defeated attitude that it will not work, it won't. I think you're too desperate, and the desperation makes people uncomfortable around you.

Maybe you need some professional counseling to determine what it is in your behavior that makes it hard to connect with people. Usually there is an offsetting element in a person's personality, if no one wants to be around you. If you can't keep a friend, you are consistently doing something people don't like.

If you come across too clingy and pathetic, people may feel uneasy and will likely distance themselves. Get some therapy. There is something you need to face about yourself and may need professional help to determine what it is.

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