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Feeling like I don't love my girlfriend anymore!

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Question - (6 August 2007) 8 Answers - (Newest, 11 June 2008)
A male United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

i've been with my girlfriend for over a year and a half now and she's my first serious relationship ever and i've

been feeling like i dont love her anymore, but i dont know if i'm just having doubts or if this is really the end for me. i've been pushed over the edge by this extremely intelligent girl thats my age and i get along with her so well that it scares me, i dont know what's happening but i haven't felt so strongly for someone in my life, and once again i dont know if i'm just going to doubt or i'm feeling closed in, i just dont know.

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A male reader, Let's be friends United States +, writes (11 June 2008):

I know how you are feeling at the moment. I have been dating my girlfriend for 11 months two days from now and I have felt like I could never want anyone else. I have never really dated at all before so I am afraid that I an wondering what is out there and if I want someone else. I just feel that I will make a mistake. My girlfriend has been through a couple other relationships so she knows more about relationships that I do. I feel that if I leave her it will be a huge mistake but I also feel that I want to explore a little bit. I have dreamed about a girl for years until I had met my girlfriend then forgot about the other girl. Now I am remembering what I used to feel about this other girl even though it was just a fantasy because the chances of me being with this girl are 0 to none. I just really need help. I have been praying a lot. Anyone have any advice?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 April 2008):

i feel you dude. i felt the same way , but after thinking about it i still loved her. it was just at the time it felt like i didnt. i think because i loved her sooo! much that i was soo! afraid of her leaving me. and i didnt want to get hurt, so i tried to not feel soo strongly for one pont i wanted to break up with her. and now looking back im so glad i didnt break~up with her. we ended up geting married and have 2 wonderful kids.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (15 August 2007):

ok this has happened to me before but i was the girl. my boyfriend of 8 months fell in Love with this other girl, and he was still whith me but he had been flirting with this girl when they went on the school trip to paris. and I even say the pictures. He dumped me over msn without a reason. he then asked this girl out and she said ok. but a week later she left him. and so he kinda regrets it. it's up to you what you do. if you really cant stand your girlfriend sont hurt her just tell her the truth. And she and u can then move on. and then its up to you to see if you still liek the intelligent girl. but il give you a tip: Don't rush enythin right now, wait a week and see how it is then. If you still feel like this then end it. Just be truthful and hope you guys can still be mates. and one more thing don't make ur ex gelous.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (14 August 2007):

maybe you find another girl that make you happy or make you smile when you has a problem about your girlfriend

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A female reader, Helen1986 United Kingdom +, writes (7 August 2007):

Helen1986 agony auntI think that you have a lot of respect for this girl, but you are feeling like you havent experienced enough of other things before settling down.

Maybe you are too young to be in a relationship this strong, you need to experience life have fun otherwise you will just grow deppressed and end up resenting your girlfriend.

Sit her down and tell her how you feel. Explain to her that she will always be your first love and you will never forget the time you have shared together. Explain that you feel to young to be in a serious relationship. End it on good terms.

I know that you might not want to end it, but if you are having these doubts now its best you end it now.

I know it will hurt but isnt it better to tell her the truth than be dis honest and string her along.

Good luck xx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2007):

i am a male of 15 and i think if you love your girlfriend then it would be wrong to dumpe her for some one else .... i am in my firt SERIOUS relationship... i have many i thought were serious ut thought bout it and decicded that this was my first .. anyway you need to find out if you love her or not ... so i talk to my gf all the time bout love cause it is the most confusing emotion there is and it is hard not alking bout it but we both think that love is when you would give your life for some one ..... that is love ... so which do you love more?.... ask yourself if these questions....1. do i talk with her easly? i like her personality.....3. do i know her or only parts of her......4.would i give my life for this person.....5.Will she love me or will she dump me? you trust her?....and if you have loved her for a whole year then you you rally should be having second if you cant stop the thoughts then you dont love this gf right now ......... maybe with the other girl not your gf you find out that she is more like a friend instead of gf.....

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A female reader, sexi South Africa +, writes (7 August 2007):

sexi agony auntHi, as you said that this is your first serious relationship. Dont hold on to the you present gf if you dont feel the same way for her - Let her go so that she can find someone else. Once you have done so then you can pursue the other girl. It is wrong for you to be with some one that you don't really wanna be with (dont hold her back) You are young and it is ok for you to like more than one girl at a time but dont act on all those feelings. Let one go.See which one you would rather be with.

Take care

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (7 August 2007):

hiya love strangley enough im da other way round boyfriend and i have been 2getha 4 nearly a yr and a half... he came to me on a friday nite and we got engaged...first thing saturday morning he left me and says he dosnt love me anymore just like advice is you r jus going thru a stage...if you feel so strongly for her then you wudnt jus fall out of love wit her like dat...take sum time away to think do u want anyone else...the chances r you wont but at least your no 4 sure... if you love this woman you wont let go and hopefully you can make things rite again... i wud do anyfin to have my boyfriend back but hes turned evil and says he h8s me but i havent dun anything rong...dont loose this girl aint worth it caz

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