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Ever since I got pregnant I've been mean to my husband and dislike everything about him!

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Question - (20 May 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 15 December 2009)
A female United States age 36-40, *raceface29 writes:

hi I have a serious problem since I got pregnant. I have been very mean to my husband. I don't want him to touch me sexually, I dislike everything about him, and I feel like we can be friends other than lovers. this has been going on for a while... help!

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A female reader, sewingdiva United States +, writes (15 December 2009):

wow, i feel the same way you do, and it started the onset of pregnancy that i did not like my husband not wanted him to touch me sexually. i am now 8 months pregnant and still totally dislike him, this is so horrible and my feelings still haven't changed. i have even filed for divorce. all my friends tell me that its because i am pregnant that i feel this way and not to divorce him. however, i simple just don't think so. i can't even fathom the smell of my husband. i tried to rekindle the relationship and let him take me away for the weekend, it was horrible, however, i faked everything because i didn't want to hurt his feelings. as soon as we got home, he tried to have sex with me again, i just could not take it, of course we got into it and i haven't spoken to him ever since, it has now been a little over a month they we haven't spoken, our divorce will be final one month after our daughter's birth.

this is so sad, but i simply cannot help the way i feel.

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A female reader, niki20 United States +, writes (20 May 2009):

niki20 agony aunti was the same way when i was pregnant he made me so angry even if it was just a sneeze or something small. its the hormones and maybe you feel unattractive,etc. is he paying enough or to much attention to you?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 May 2009):

its called hormones... I got into a physicall fight with my husband... wanted to beat his brains in actually... but all he did was restrain (im not that type of person at all)... but hormones can make you hate alot.. so talk to the doctor about maybe some natural herbs that is safe for you to take... find a way to reliese this anxioty and emotion.. besides beating his brains in... such as exorsize... cardio really helps relieve anger and stress... the more pissed you get the harder you run... (get it)... then alot of the hormones will be used on the workout...

as for the sex... i didnt even want him to look at me while pregnant... grrrrrrr rrrrr rrrroooowwllll... now not all women are this way. but aparently you and I are.. so remember how you used to feel with him... this is not permanent... and you still have the end of the pregancy... and the birth and after... you must find a way to communicate and work through this fantom emotions....WITH HIM

good luck

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