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Does my teacher like me for more than just a student^

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Question - (8 May 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 2 June 2009)
A female Canada age 26-29, *ichy fishy writes:

I never really noticed this teacher until I was with my cousin at the liquor store buying drinks for a party. I was in the car since I'm 16. I saw him walk out with his friends and he just blew my mind. He has dark hair with light blue eyes and that is what turns me on.

On Monday I saw him in the halls and he saw me and I guess he saw me at the liquor store cause he asked me what i was doing drinking. But he was just bugging me. It was really hot out so I was wearing shorts with a really low and I mean really low cut shirt and I have a full C chest and I caught him staring at my chest a couple of times. After we were done talking I turned my head to see where his classroom was and I caught him checking me out, and when he noticed that I saw him he just smiled and that made me blush.

In the middle of semester I had to go get my report card, and the letter my last name starts with had to go to his room and get them. I walked in and he got this big smile on his face, and kinda went red in the face. I just smiled and shook my head since his class was still in there. I felt weird cause he knew my name, and I guess he could have looked me up in the system but he knew my first AND last name. Then he grabbed my report card and was looking at it like my parents do. He was reading what the teachers had wrote about me and was looking at my grades and then was like good job. Even though it wasn't one of my best ones. That day was hot too and I was wearing a dress and it was a low V neck dress and he was going to say something but couldn't find the words I guess cause he was stuttering and I saw that he was looking at my chest as usual.

Today I was wearing high heels and jeans and a nice dress top and he was totally checking me out when I walked past his classroom. He is a pretty young teacher. I think he is around 27-34. And I want to know if he likes me.

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A female reader, kitty_3 United States +, writes (2 June 2009):

kitty_3 agony auntwell, do you like him?

i agree with the previous oster that he's probably turned on by you, but he may also like you as a person.

go have a chat with him someday. get to know him (if that's what you want)and let me know how it goes! :)

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A female reader, mysterious_blonde_lady United Kingdom +, writes (30 May 2009):

Yes, he is sexually aroused by you. He is using the way you dress and behave to get sexual thrills off of you. This is NOT a good thing; it means he does not respect you and has no interest in you as a person. The way this teacher is behaving is innappropriate; you are encouraging these attentions because you are obviously insecure about the way you look and appreciate the attention, you deserve better! He should be valuing you as a person not as an object, you don't need to dress in a provocative way to get attention - i know you say it is hot and that is why you are dressing this way, but you are at school and if you dress this way you are BOUND to get attention. This is not good attention, and it should not be encouraged, if you wish to continue 'turning him on' do, but bear in mind that if he hits on you it wont be because he 'likes you' it will be because he thinks you are attractive and because he thinks you are an 'easy lay' - this isn't saying you are, but it is never a compliment when a man is interested in you because you dress provocatively, i'm not saying dress like a nun by all means lol but i am saying to beware of the fact that this may be why he is attracted.

I'm sure you are probably a beautiful girl who does not NEED the attractions of her teacher (he is only a normal man afterall) and you can probably do alot better. Teasing your teacher can be fun, because you know he is not meant to look at you that way. but remember: if he finds you attractive BECAUSE of your looks and BECAUSE of the way you dress, what stops someone equally as attractive as you from a different year holding his attentions also?

Wouldn't you prefer that he had noticed you for who you are, rather than your looks? It's not hard to notice a girl for her looks, there are lots of pretty girls out there, possibly many that are interested in this teacher, that have been interested in this teacher. If flirting and looks is all it takes to enthrall him... what makes you special, what makes him worth it? He will not respect you if he thinks of you as a flirt and a sex object; he will no doubt, use you and throw you away.

Imagine; him talking about 'nailing you' to one of his friends like your 'easy' or 'gagging' for it. Imagine that he talks about how 'well fit' you are and how you need a good 'seeing to'. Is that how you want to be seen?

As far as i am concerned; you deserve respect, and chances are this teacher is only building his own ego over you. Surely you don't want to be his 'ego-boost'? I'm sure you are an interesting and lovely person and deserve better than to have creepy guys getting off on the idea of using you.

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A female reader, steph449 United Kingdom +, writes (8 May 2009):

dont even go there you can look you can flirt thats normal every girl does that but a teacher no you cant basically you would ruin his life he wouldnt be able to teach again you would have the stigma of being the pupil who was with the teacher its healthy to fancy the teachers i am 44 and still remember the teachers i fancied but its a def no go area

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A female reader, niki20 United States +, writes (8 May 2009):

niki20 agony auntthats a hard question as to i cant see the way he around you. although you told me but maybe he looks at your chest b/c they are there and your low cut shirts and tops are kind of an invitation, its ok all women do it. but maybe the best way to see if he likes you is to stop by his room after school and just ask. although a student / reacher affair is illegal. maybe he does like you, you never never know untill you ask.

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