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Do men ever step up after leaving pregnant girlfriends?

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Question - (20 August 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 20 August 2009)
A female United States age 41-50, anonymous writes:

Why do men leave their girlfriends when they're pregnant? Do men ever man up? has anyone experienced this? I'm interested in hearing from males.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (20 August 2009):

More than one of my male friends has been trapped into the position. After years of sex without any trouble, their GF suddenly gets pregnant when they're in the process of leaving her.

One of them not only got pregnant suspiciosly, she also changed her mind and refused to have an abortion after that had been their agreement all along if she ever got pregnant.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (20 August 2009):

Most men leave cause their either scared of being a dad or they just don't care. The ones that really care will come around sooner or later but those who just don't care will go on with their life like the words I'm pregnant never came from theor girlfriends mouth. Hopefully he'll come around but if he doesn't there is child support so he wouldn't think that he's completly off the hook. Cause whether he wants to be a part of that babies life he'll still have to pay. Raising a child as a single mother is hard but if that's what u have to do I'm sure you'll be great at it. Whatever u decide to do I wanna wish u the best of luck.

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A male reader, jlff Venezuela +, writes (20 August 2009):

jlff agony auntwhy do men leave their girlfriends when they are pregnant?

because its fun

no just kidding its a natural reaction to a certain danger, as we all know humans are animals and mens are more close to be animals.

there are two options when someone is feeling threatend

run or face danger. thats why when a girlfriend is pregnant men feel that his way of life is threatened so they choose,

run or face danger and that answer your question

*sigh* I have to stop smoking peyote

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A female reader, Renee okc United States +, writes (20 August 2009):

They usually do after they get over themselves, A real man will do the right thing off the bat, by that I mean supporting there child in every way. You don't have to be together to be good parents unfortunately a lot of folks don't realize that and in turn become bad parent's. I think men leave while there women is pregnant because it is easier at that time because has other things to worry about other than them. Some men seem to be very selfish, if it is not about them then it's whatever. My relationship change after I became Prego because my focus was on having a healthy baby and providing for him, where as his dads focus was what about me, I want to do this shit like that and it causes us to argue and I don't think we feel the same about each other like we did before. I have met some great guy's that love being dad's but lets face it if the man is immature before the baby more than likely he will be after the baby too.

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