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Can tampons break my hymen?

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Question - (4 July 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 August 2010)
A female United States age 22-25, *ifteen writes:

can i break my hymen by inserting a tampon? i want to beak it. im a virgin and have never used tampons. but i dont know if its already broken...

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A female reader, LuckyCharms101 Canada +, writes (16 August 2010):

LuckyCharms101 agony auntMaybe, Im actually trying to brake my hymen also..Im gonna try a tampon maybe a tampon would work = ) xx Well good luck hun 3

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A female reader, september.october United States +, writes (4 July 2009):

you WILL know if you broke your hymen actually.

it hurts.



and if you were to break it with a tampon, you would feel it breaking

this might be to much information (but im just trying to be helpful)

my boyfriend told me that when we lost our virginities, he could feel it breaking..

so you would know if you broke it with a tampon.. but chances are it WONT break. i was using tampons for at least 3 years before i lost my virginity. and it DEFFINETLY was in tact

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A female reader, bobbles32 Canada +, writes (4 July 2009):

bobbles32 agony aunt

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (4 July 2009):

No tampons CANNOT break your hymen. Your hymen is very thin, but it's not a giant barrier. There is a hole in the center of the hymen that things can pass through. Most girls by the time they have sex have already broken their hymens without knowing it through active things like horseback riding or gymnastics or something. Many people won't bleed much from that so they won't know. Also, it doesn't hurt (shockingly) to break it so they won't feel it. Only a doctor can tell you if it's already torn. Many girls who are afraid of it hurting when they lose their virginity think the hymen tearing is what causes pain. The thought of something inside being ripped is scary! It's actually the stretching that hurts, not the hymen. So don't worry about using tampons, they will not rip your hymen or make you less of a virgin. Also, DO NOT TRY TO RIP IT YOURSELF. Good luck with tampons... They make life SO much easier.

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A female reader, Starlights United Kingdom +, writes (4 July 2009):

Starlights agony auntyes ur hymen can break with a tampon.

u wont know if its broken until u lose virginity.

if u dont bleed then it means it was broken before.

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