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How can I strike up a conversation with a boy I have a massive crush on?

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Question - (30 March 2017) 3 Answers - (Newest, 7 June 2017)
A female United Kingdom age 18-21, anonymous writes:

What are some ways to approach and start a conversation with a boy you like without showing you like them? I'm a very shy person and I don't know how to approach a boy I have had a crush on for two years. I'm really emotionally attached to him and I feel automatically comforted when he is around, which is strange because I have only talked to him a couple times. However, I know so much about him it feels like I know him personally. I'm not naive enough to believe I truly know him or that I'm in love or anything, but it really hurts when I can't even talk to him to try to get to know him. I just like him so much that I feel like if I talk to him (I have a couple times) that he'll never like me and he'll think I'm silly. I've had to be really careful hiding my emotions because my best friend has a crush on him and talks about him all the time. It's very painful. Please help!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (7 June 2017):

Hi! I had to deal with the same issue a while ago! I had a crush on someone months ago but he was in one of my classes, which terrified me because I was afraid of being rejected and would still have to see him in class; however, I had talked to him in casual conversation in class so I decided to casually message him about an assignment to which he replied with an answer and a smiley face. After that I decided to ask him to be my date to a party and he said yes, so just try and make casual conversation with him and perhaps if you begin talking to him more frequently, something will come out of it!

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A female reader, Avni Hariharan  Malaysia +, writes (4 April 2017):

Swallow your pride and and say good morning everyday. Don't give him a wide smile just a simple smile is enough. After few days don't wish him. He might be worried "why she didn't wish me today?" Then he might approach u. Then tell him that u r having some personal problems and need a shoulder to cry. It would be a perfect chance for u to get closer with him. When days pass ur best friend will get jealous of u. U tell ur crush that ur best friend has crush on him. Ask him to talk to her one or two words. If can create a bad impression about him to ur best friend

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (31 March 2017):

Hormones being hormones you can understand how preoccupying a crush can be but it seems to me that you have put yourself in the eternal catch 22 situation!

Your friend lusts after him and you have now caught the bug so that you lust after him also.

It is quite possible that he enjoys the attention but also this boy knows you are keen and is in a heads or tails situation.

I think he may have a girlfriend already, one that neither of you know about and he probably has the allure of being non available.

Can you branch out and get the crush elsewhere.

You could just as reasonably dote on a pop star and both go to visit him in concert.

At least you will get something out of it such as a night at a concert or a musical download.

Also talk to other guys so that you dont lose touch with reality.

Lots of other guys could like you.

The reality of a crush is that it usually goes nowhere but keeps you in an excited state about nothing.

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