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My little sister missed a period, but she has never had sex. Could something be wrong?

Q.   Hey i was wondering if some one could help me help my little sister. Shes 14 but all most 15 and shes never had sex. But she hasn't had her period this month and shes never missed one before and she hates talking about it so she came to me.I was ...

A.   1 January 2010: nothing is wrong with her, i am 15 also and started my period at 13, the first year or two sometimes i would miss 1 or even 2 periods after another, and my doctor said it was totally normal it was just because i was young and my period is irregular, ... (read in full...)

We had the opportunity to have sex and did so but now he hasn't called!

Q.   So this guy I've known my entire life, and loved my entire life finally kissed me. We have both wanted to openly for a long long time now but never had the oppertunity. Well knowing the oppertunity probably wouldn't come up again we had sex. I'm ...

A.   31 December 2009: really, if he had sex with you im sure he has some feeling for you, he probably likes you alot. okay so listen, i think i know why he isnt talking to you. its because he feels awkward. after you guys had sex he probably felt awkward because it is ... (read in full...)

A mini period?

Q.   I am due on in a few days but i've been having little period like cramps. At first i just thought that meant i wasn't pregnant but then i read about women who do have cramps during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy. I had sex right in the ...

A.   31 December 2009: i highly doubt you are pregnant, and if you have taken several tests and they all came back negative then you really have nothing to worry about, especially if you were using protection.... (read in full...)

I lost interest in a lady fast

Q.   Please i dont know what to do or say to make a girl say 'YES' instantly for a relationship.I usually lost interest when she decide to play hard to get....

A.   31 December 2009: ohkay, listen, i am a 15 year old girl and i do this alot. when a girl plays hard to get it obviously means she wants you super bad and she is seeing if you like her enough to go along with her hard to get attitude, got it? so next time a girl plays ... (read in full...)

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