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What are your thoughts on surprising someone that hates surprises & is worried about money?

Q.   we've been Trying to conceive for over a year and a half now and both of us are self employed and super stressed out. So I decided that for my husbands birthday I would surprise him with a trip to the Netherlands to see this band that he loves! but ...

A.   21 September 2017: 'surprising someone who hates surprises'.. To me this answers the question already. Do not surprise someone who hates surprises? ;-) Have you ever surprised your husband before, and did he enjoy it? With a trip like this, I can imagine th... (read in full...)

She's asked me for advice-Can I be honest and tell her she's in a bad relationship?

Q.   Dear Aunts and Uncles, I need some advice on should I say what I think or... be polite and lie. I have 2 cousins who are like sisters to me. One of them is having problems with her papers. She's been living in a foreign country for the past 7 y...

A.   21 September 2017: I think you should be honest with her, in a personal message or call. You write that you've regretted staying mum before. It sounds like this might be a time you will regret it, too. I believe that it helps us to have people around us who ca... (read in full...)

How do I tell my girlfriend that I'd like her to be my first sex partner?

Q.   I have been dating my girlfriend for 5 months now. I’m defiantly into her. We do a lot of fun things together. I have not had sex yet. She has told me that she has. I would like her to be my first sex partner. I think she is smart, cute, beautiful, ...

A.   16 June 2017: Talk to her! This all sounds good to me :-). Check in with yourself and with her what feels good for you both, and know that things are allowed to be Fun. ... (read in full...)

Why can't I be alone?

Q.   How can I feel comfortable with myself alone? I have a problem being alone and I have tried to do things alone and I just dread the weekend because I'm alone with my thoughts- I've had this feeling since I was ten and it always gotten me in trouble ...

A.   16 June 2017: Dear OP, I think that not being able to be alone is tied together with this one: "I'm truly unhappy inside". You seem to find distractions and avoidance in order to not feel - it's something I recognize because I used to do the same, and so... (read in full...)

I'm married but cheating with my old flame and I'm hopelessly in love

Q.   I went to a reunion and as soon as I stood in front of my old flame I knew. I hadn't thought of him in 40 years. I'm happily married and live a plush life. He never married. Even though we live in Different states we've been together twice And...

A.   16 June 2017: Dear OP, Sorry to hear about your situation - it must be hard! Would you consider telling your husbank, talking to him about it, and working on it? Maybe going into therapy together? It will be hard, for both of you. He will be seeing y... (read in full...)

Is it right for me to settle for this man?

Q.   I am dating this guy he is a friend who has loved me for years. I love him as a person but am not sexually attracted to him. I have a list of reasons for staying and a list for leaving I want people's opinions: staying: He really likes me a...

A.   16 June 2017: I think you know. And it might be hard because you'd like to be in a relationship, you'd like that intimacy, and you'd like to have children. But if you're honest with yourself, you know the answer to your question. I'd advice you to go with tha... (read in full...)

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