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I don't know what I can get her for her birthday - since she lives thousands of miles away!

Q.   Just a quick question - slightly irrelevant to the norm on this site - but I have an internet penpal with someone from America, and I have no idea what to get her for her birthday. Shes 14; I don't really know what I can do for her birthday or ...

A.   16 November 2008: Flowers!? you can just call the closest flower shop by her, and then have them mail you a bill. it wont be that expensive either!... (read in full...)

Why cant I have guy friends just because I am a girl? Do girls always have to start drama?

Q.   So drama is a huge thing in high school! and i hate drama!!!! ugh well i use to get a ride from my friend, but now i cant. here is the story: so i make better friends with guys then girls. mostly because guys dont really cause drama. well my three...

A.   12 November 2008: thank you. i really needed to hear that this was not only happening to me. i hate drama so much, and guy do make life a bit more exciting. lol anywho thank you... (read in full...)

I want to have sex with him because I know he's leaving in 8 months.

Q.   I am 14 years old dating a foreign exchange student who will be leaving in 8 months. We've been only dating exactly a month and I want to have sex with him because I know hes leaving and I need to fast forward... I know it's too soon and I'm too ...

A.   5 November 2008: you are only fourteen. WAITTT girl. hes leaving anyways, and yall have not been going out that long... (read in full...)

I'm in England and the girl I love lives in America.

Q.   I'm seriously in love with a girl over in america she doesn't even know who i am. i think about her all of the time and when i see her on her i get butterflies and all i want to do is just tell her that i love her. i just want her to know who i am ...

A.   4 November 2008: these feelings seem very strong, but if you dont mind. if she doesnt know you, how do you know her??? post the answer!!!... (read in full...)

How do I get her to like me?

Q.   im trying to get this girl to like me, shes a year below me and im 16. i have met her once but we have been texting for a few weeks now. i think she think likes me a bit as well however the downfall is im not very good with women at all. could ...

A.   4 November 2008: okay lol i am 15 so i think i can help you with this. Well first you should make sure she likes you, and that is probably the easiest thing to do. once we girls like someone we def. show it. Something you can do to make sure is to take her on a ... (read in full...)

Should I ask her face to face, if she likes me?

Q.   I know this girl through a friend. I met her about 8 months ago in a party. We partied hard that night. I really like her. She knows that i like her. I have told her through texts. I dont see her very often and we text each other quite frequently. I ...

A.   3 November 2008: oh okay, well try asking her for a real date. like a dinner and a movie. dazzle her... (read in full...)

I wonder if he prefers shaved pubic area...

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been going steady for three months, i think we're ready to take the next step. We've touched each other through our cloths, but never actually 'touched' each other. I'm slightly worried though, would he prefer me to be ...

A.   3 November 2008: i shave,but that doesnt mean it is the right thing to do. it can be painfull and really annoying. girl i would just trim it. the Q guy says its better shaved but that is just one mans opinion in how many? i would seriously go with everyone elses ... (read in full...)

I’ve run out of ideas of what to do - please give me advice

Q.   I've liked the same guy for two years At the beginning of last year we were sort of a couple Our parents are friends which made it so much easier to see each other we all went away on holiday..there we got even closer not knowing what was still t...

A.   3 November 2008: well if he is still in a relationship, you need to give him space. you dont want to cross the line. everything happens for a reason, if yall are suppose to be together, it will happen. let it some when it is suppose to though. dont rush it!! also ... (read in full...)

Should I ask her face to face, if she likes me?

Q.   I know this girl through a friend. I met her about 8 months ago in a party. We partied hard that night. I really like her. She knows that i like her. I have told her through texts. I dont see her very often and we text each other quite frequently. I ...

A.   3 November 2008: okay this girl is sending mixed signals! first off she doesnt like being alone with you, did you do something to scare her off? second after a year she should of moved on, unless it was an abusive relationship, which could be the reason she doesnt ... (read in full...)

How do I get over an abusive ex?

Q.   Here's my story, I'm going to make it short. I really need help because I'm loosing it. I was in an emotional abusive relationship for about four months..when i got out of that relationship i felt so alive i thought i was over it after a couple o...

A.   3 November 2008: well being with someone abusive, even emotionally is not good for your health. And in this situation you only need to think about what is right for you! he didnt treat you right, and if yall go out again he will just start treating you the same way. ... (read in full...)

I think I'm in love with a boy I met on the internet.

Q.   Hi, I really need I help I recently fell for a boy I met over the internet he was 18 and I'm 15, but things didn't really work out. One minute its on, then its off, but I think I fell in love with him. It's really hard to get over him and he feel...

A.   2 November 2008: First hun it is never safe to meet someone over the internet, but that isn't the issue. The thing i always do to get over a guy is to first have a movie night with my closes friends. make cookies and stay up all night watching funny movies. second ... (read in full...)

What should I do about this guy??? Help!

Q.   Okay so i really like this guy, and i think he likes me too. see we met in this teen leadership class, which is a class where you pretty much spend time with new people and make new friends, and he sat by me all midterm. we are really close now, and ...

A.   2 November 2008: Thank You, I know it is a problem, and if i could have one thing i would wish for him to stop dong weed.; it would make everything so much better!!! morree helllpp please... (read in full...)

I've loved her from the first time I saw her... but she has a boyfriend.

Q.   I kind of loved her from the first time I saw her but I knew lately that she has a boyfriend and she is so in love with him, I tried to forget her but I couldn't cause I see her every day.... I don't know what to do, my life has became hell.... can ...

A.   1 November 2008: Well if she truely loves her boyfriend, then the best thing for you to do is wait it out. She her how amazing you are, and be nice to her boyfriend. High School relationships rarely last that long, become close with her. When they do breakup she ... (read in full...)

I always have bad luck in love.

Q.   I've always had really bad luck with love. I have only ever liked two people in my life, and the first was last year. I liked her for about a year without any hope, and nothing happened, except that she got a boyfriend (and subsequently broke up ...

A.   29 October 2008: Hi! Okay i am a girl, and a very big baby when it comes to sweet things like this. First you NEED to know if she has a boyfriend. Very important. How? Just bring it up in a conversation. Like, so how have you and your boyfriend doing? if she has one ... (read in full...)

I'm being bullied into losing my virginity.

Q.   OK. So, I'm 14, yes fourteen. I've recently got a boyfriend who I've been going out for for 5 months, and that's pretty good I must admit. A lot of girls who have always had it out for me have been coming up to me and been going, "Hey virgin, you ...

A.   29 October 2008: Okay i am almost fifteen in a week, and i am still a virgin. in fact every single one of my friends are virgins. The people bulling you are most likely jealous of you, excpecially if you and your boyfriend have been going out for 5 months without ... (read in full...)

14 and a virgin, I feel lonely and inadequate because all my friends have already had sex!

Q.   I'm 14 and from Hampshire, England. all my friends have had sex. i feel lonley because i'm still a virgin. they arn't saying i MUST pop the cherry but i don't fit in anymore eg. i'm not invited to party. i've always been a bit awkward around p...

A.   13 April 2008: first of all im 14, and a virgin. if you arent invited to parties. well then your friends suck. second. i know im to young for sex, so should you. but good luck... (read in full...)

I'm a real life 28 year old virgin... and have hardly lived a life. I need a solution!

Q.   Hi, I am a 28 year old male from the UK. I have a major personal dilemma: I am still a virgin- at my age! This is literally driving me insane. It is affecting me psychologically. I feel that there is a part of my life that is missing. I can not talk...

A.   9 April 2008: To tell you the truth a lot of girls like the innocent cute guys, and just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you're not good. Also that means you won't be so judgemental - a number one fear girls have is a guy judging her in a bad way. They will ... (read in full...)

I'm so messed up!!!

Q.   I'm having a dilemma. After several months of a new relationship, while we both talked about long term and our goals of marriage and family, our sex life was decreasing. While my ladys is wonderful in so many areas (whcih is why im with her), theres ...

A.   8 April 2008: i say go on a break try branching out, and then see if things get better. if not she is not worth it, and she sounds very hatefull to me... (read in full...)

Why does she keep cheating and lying to me? I love her so much!

Q.   Me and my g/f have been on and off for about 4 years we cant seem to be apart. We had some really rough times when we weren't together. She had two relationships with two guys at her work. Then about three months ago i told her how i felt about her, ...

A.   8 April 2008: whoa any girl like that, no matter how many time she says she will, wont stop cheating on youl., i say leave her asap and get someone you deserve... (read in full...)

I'm really scared my first time will hurt!!

Q.   Ok, well i'm 16 and me and my boyfriend are getting serious and we want to have sex. I'm really scared because it's my first time, and i'm just really freaking out because i'm scared it's going hurt really bad. So i've been telling him no everytime, ...

A.   8 April 2008: like a mother if he is bad, but not so much if he knows what he is doing. have fun... (read in full...)

I'm 13 and going out with a 17 year old virgin.

Q.   Hi, first off, I'm going out with a 17 year old boy and I think he's really wanting sex badly. What should I do? Would I get in trouble if we did anything?...

A.   8 April 2008: are you a virgin. wait till your older. ... (read in full...)

Is my body adjusting to the change? Should I go on the pill?

Q.   Hi, I asked a question almost a couple weeks ago about being on time if i had sex with the condom intact with no tears or rips or falling out. I have been having period like symptoms of bloating, fatigue, cramps, and smelly discharge. I tested nega...

A.   8 April 2008: if you are not positive then i wouldnt worry, but if you are going to keep having sex definately go on the pill. ... (read in full...)

I'm 13 he's 17, I want sex but he's still a virgin, how do I ask him when he's ready for sex?

Q.   Hi i'm 13 but want to have sex. I know that sounds horrible but it's hard. The boy i'm going out with, and have been for a long time, is 17, and still a virgin. How do i ask him when he's ready for sex?...

A.   8 April 2008: whoa girl im older than you and i dont know if im ready for sex. slow down and enjoy life a bit before trying to grow up. i know that is not what you want to hear, so i suggest you trying to slowly move up. start on secong base and slowly make it to ... (read in full...)

What do we talk about and what's off limits for a first date?

Q.   The lad i like has finaly asked me out on a date. But i'm scared thing's will get arkward at parts, as we've never been totally close, just distant friends. What kind of conversations do you have? And what's off limits for a first date? Advice? P...

A.   8 April 2008: hello. im 14 and i think i can help. first of all- dont talk about sex-unless you are serious and want to have sex soon. also dont talk about your and his x's- things will get awkward. good things to talk about are questions about yourslef, and him. ... (read in full...)

I want him to come back, yet my heart tells me to leave him alone.

Q.   This guy told me to leave him alone because he was talking to someone he's calling me back..i've been nice and i've been talking to him but my heart is telling me that i'm being used, and that he will do it all over again, so i told him ...

A.   7 April 2008: girl you were right. stay away from mr heartbreak kaay... (read in full...)

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