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Hi i am from England,I am currently in a loving realtionship and have being for a few years now.

I'm quite happy to help abouslutly anyone, i enjoy helping others and i think by helping other people it makes you learn more about yourself.

I believe that we are all equals, no matter what sex,culture or sexuality you are. It especially ticks me off when men believe that women should be in the kitchen or something stupid like that it just shows how naive and narrow minded they are.

So i am quite happy to help anyone who may be in some kind of trouble, or who just wants to sort out a problem.

Thank you.



What do I do if he left without explanations, even if he promised he would not?...

Q.   what should i do if someone whom i love dearly, just left me with out even saying goodbye, i just do not know where he is, no calls, no messages, nothing. i was left all alone and seems he doesnt care anymore and it hurts me that much. i love him so ...

A.   4 December 2007: maybe he needs time alone, he might just need to think. To me it sounds like alot of this is you, that everything revolved around you. He promised this and on.What did you give, and if you did give it your all then love you need something ... (read in full...)

How to let him down easy without lying?

Q.   I'm bisexual leaning toward gay, but I haven't come out to most people yet. I'm falling for a friend who doesn't want to be with me, and now another one of my friends wants to get dinner and "talk." I'm afraid that he's going to tell me he likes ...

A.   4 December 2007: i think you really should be honest. You should invite him for coffee or something similar and talk through everything that you are looking, but you dont want to loose them as a freind. Compliment him, but not in a way that your leading him on as ... (read in full...)

How do I choose between two girls who are perfect?

Q.   I’m in this kind dilemma’s. Recently, I gotta know these 2 great girls. both are extremely hot and pretty, both of them are from differents country. one is from China yet another was from neighbour country and both of them was falling in love with ...

A.   4 December 2007: firstly i think that it was a stupid idea leading both on at the same time, because if they knew about each other i really dont think they would be happy. I think that you should tell them both what has being going on, i dont think its fair on them ... (read in full...)

We have been official for two weeks and he is starting to talk about sex and I am scared.

Q.   I'm 14. I met my boyfriend about 4 months ago and we have liked each other since the night we met. We became official about two weeks ago and i have already given him oral. He is starting to talk about sex and i want to but im scared to. He is ...

A.   3 December 2007: I was in a realtionship at the same age as you, im still in that realtionship nearly 3 years on, we started going out when i was 13, but soon after turned 14. That is the age i first had sex, 14,and i had to do it all again i wouldnt change a thing. ... (read in full...)

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