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How do I choose between two girls who are perfect?

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Question - (28 November 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 6 May 2008)
A male Singapore age 41-50, anonymous writes:

I’m in this kind dilemma’s. Recently, I gotta know these 2 great girls. both are extremely hot and pretty, both of them are from differents country. one is from China yet another was from neighbour country and both of them was falling in love with me and want to be my wife badly. they has make a decission to travel to singapore to be with me in next few months time.

This thing is getting me worry and nervous. As I love both of them. I thinks both of them has its unique personalities that attracts me.

I enjoy the moment of spending time with both of them.

and now I gotta choose 1. sigh…………………….

as both of them was planning to come here to spend the rest of their life with me.

If I don’t make decision now. there’s high chances that I might loose both of them.

Which one is the right one I should get married with?? the right one that I should spend the rest of my life with?

any idea how to choose?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (6 May 2008):

I've seen this question pop up so many times in different media and I always thin the same thing.

If you were to never see either of them again, which one would it hurt the most with?

I have a similar situation at the moment too. I have been seeing girl a for almost 9 years, and for the last 4 of those years things haven't been very good between us at all.

She would get home from work, eat and then sleep. With hardly two words said to me.

So I turned to the internet and made some great friends online. I never strayed or had any romantic notions, and asked girl a if she'd like to share my new hobbie as a way of creating a new interest between us.

What I found instead was that she was having online relationships. In several cases it even went as far as to swap phone numbers and addresses.

After this had happened a few times I asked what her intentions were towards these men, and she said all she wanted was friendship from them.

Several weeks passed and she became 'secretive'. Going into a silent state when I walked into the room or quickly changing what wa son the monitor,so I confronted her about it.

She laughed and told me not to be silly, but I didn't believe her, and 'bugged' the computer. It was my property and I wanted to find out whether I was being made a fool of, so didn't feel I was doing anything wrong.

What I later discovered horrified me totally! She not only had secret email and chat program accounts but she was also planning on going to see this man! We had a huge argument and she tried to say that what I'd done was just the same, so I pointed out that having friends all over the world, both female and male, isn't the same as going on line and cheating. All be it emotional cheating!

So, since then things have been awful between us, and we speak even less than before. I didn't want to just give up on such a long and close relationship so have stuck it out, but then something changed.

I met a girl very recently,( girl b), and have been logging into a chat program and spending 10hours a day talking to her. She lives in a different country and is 15years younger than me, but doesn't have a problem with that.

In the short time I've known girl b I've kept girl a in my mind to remind myself that I'm in a relationship with her, but I'm finding myself falling for girl b.

So, I'm also torn between two girls. Right now I'm totally confused as to what I should do. Which ever way I choose someone will get hurt!

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A female reader, aunt.shazza United Kingdom +, writes (4 December 2007):

aunt.shazza agony auntfirstly i think that it was a stupid idea leading both on at the same time, because if they knew about each other i really dont think they would be happy. I think that you should tell them both what has being going on, i dont think its fair on them because if you choose one no doubt you'll end up regreting and chasing the other one maybe regreting this one aswell. So i think you should talk to them tell them the situation and see what goes from there...and if nothing good comes out of it you know to stay away from similar situations like these in the future.

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