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Guys, would you sleep with a girl who isnt toned and who has some cellulite?

Q.   guys, would u sleep with a girl who isnt toned and who has some cellulite?...

A.   29 March 2007: of course they would most men dont even notice cellulite everyone has there flaws including men! if you had to be perfect to get laid no one would ever sleep with anyone confidence is sexy ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant and I'm a minor. My 20 yr old bf wants to help but my Mother wants to take this to court!

Q.   im 16, pregnant by my 20 yr old boyfriend. hes assuming resposibility and wants to move in with me, but my mom's really protective and wants to take this to court because im still a minor? would me and my bf get in trouble? by the way i live in ...

A.   28 October 2006: i dont really know much about the law in california but as things go over hear then if you consented to the sex then theres not much that can be done. try talkng to your mum i know it will have been a shock for her but she needs to realise it takes ... (read in full...)

Can being fingered break a girl's hymen?

Q.   i got fingered the other for the first time, i was woundering is it possible for the hymen to get broken or do you have to have sex!! ...

A.   27 October 2006: yeah it can n if it gets broken like that then the first time you have sex probly wont be as painful as it would if it wasnt broken... (read in full...)

Sex was too fast and I told him to slow down! Now it takes over an hour! Is this normal, too?

Q.   My bf came around last night, and as i've said in previous messages, we only usually do it including foreplay and sex about 10 mins. It's not me its him. And so when i talked to him about taking things slower from foreplay onwards he was cool about ...

A.   27 October 2006: at least he's trying for you and are yo complaining coz it was too long? your gunna confuse him i dont think you know what you want yourself so theres no way he's gunna know. why dont you take control and set the pace and the he'll know what you ... (read in full...)

Ladies...Can you still feel a man inside you when he is not thrusting or moving?

Q.   Hi ladies Can you still feel a man inside you when he is not thrusting or moving?...

A.   27 October 2006: i can...unless you just stay there for ages not moving then you kinda stop noticing lol... (read in full...)

I want to lose my virginity to my ex, how do I ask her?

Q.   My ex-girlfriend and I broke up back in August. I took it really hard, even though we only went out for a month. She went away for a month after that, and then when she came back, we hooked up twice. Now it's about 5 months later, and we haven't ...

A.   27 October 2006: why dont you just wait untill you find someone else whats the rush? you broke up for a reasonand its only gunna hurt even more if youhave sex then she doesnt want to see you no more. i did exactly the same when i was 16 i was absolutly madly in love ... (read in full...)

Can a man tell if a women has orgasmed?

Q.   during sex' is the man know if woman cum or not?...

A.   27 October 2006: not really unless they ask you but then you can always lie if you dont wanna hurt his feelings. n u could fake it so he thought you had but thats a bit pointless lol... (read in full...)

The kids also want their say in family life, what should I do ?

Q.   I thought I had made a breakthrough in my troubles. he has agreed to go to councilling with me, but i find out my kids aged 10 and 11 want there say in family life...

A.   9 October 2006: your gunna have to give us a bit more info not too sure what your asking without knowing more......... (read in full...)

How do I get this guy off?

Q.   Hi. I want to know how to get a guy off. I like to go out dancing and the like and i have met some guys i really like and i want to know how by dancing can i get the guy to have a hard on. My friends say it's easier you just need to rub up against ...

A.   9 October 2006: why do you want to do that anyway? unless its your boyfriend its pretty trashy n you'll get a reputation as a prick tease or a slut... (read in full...)

I had a one night stand and am now smitten with him. It breaks my heart because now he ignores me. Help!!

Q.   Has anyone got any advice for a heart broken girl? i had a one night stand with a work colleague about 5 weeks ago. It came out of the blue and now i am absolutely smitten with him. He is looking for another job and will be leaving the company ...

A.   9 October 2006: a one night stand is exactly what it says it is. unfortunatly for us girls sex brings us closer to someone and makes our feelings for them stronger and for men its just sex. theres not much you can do you cant change the way he feels. i know it ... (read in full...)

I'm 15 and pregnant! I can't tell my parents...What shall ! do?

Q.   im 15 and pregnant! what shall i do??? it was a mistake, im not with the father of the baby, i got drunk and got carried away! help, i cant tell my mum or dad or anyone! how am i gonna tell them!?! they will be crushed! ...

A.   9 October 2006: i hate it when people say your not legally old enough, lots of things arnt legal an were not all angels having sex isnt exactly the worlds biggest problems. so back to your problem you do have a choice here and as much as i am against abortion it i... (read in full...)

Ive been having unprotected sex with my Bf since we have been together, do you think I could be pregnant!!!

Q.   Since my boyfriend and i have been going out, we've had unprotected sex. Now the thing thats concerning me now is that my monthlys were due on saturday saw my bf and did it sunday, and its thursday, and still hav'nt got them yet. Im 6 days late, and ...

A.   9 October 2006: there's a veryyy high chance you could be pregnant but if your having unprotected sex all the time what would you expect to happen! if you think your mature enough to have sex then you should be mature enough to think about contraception there's no ... (read in full...)

My ex is pregnant, but Im really happy with my now relationship!! What should I do ??

Q.   My ex is pregnant, but I am in a wonderful relatinship until now. What should I do? Dear Readers, My ex(17) who I (19) was with for about a year is 4 months pregnant from me, but have been in a relationship now for about 4 months too with a ve...

A.   9 October 2006: you shouldnt get back with her just for the baby it wont work and she cant be trusted. are you sure its deffinitly yours if she's cheated so many times before?? i dont think you should be emotionally involved with your ex but you should have some... (read in full...)

8 days late and stomach seems to be getting bigger. Can somebody please explain?

Q.   I am now about 8 days late with my monthlys (me im usually on time or only 2-3 days late if anything), and have had constantly on my mind that i could be pregnant,after having unprotected sex with my bf. And another thing i've also noticed is that ...

A.   9 October 2006: jut buy a test and that will answer all your questions for you. thinking your stomach is getting bigger is all in your head when i was pregnant i wasnt showing in the slightest until i was 5month it doesnt happen that quick. if you were showing ... (read in full...)

After watching a movie, it made me send a loving text message. She never responded. Was I stupid?

Q.   hey, last night i watched this film and it really got me thinking about how much people mean to me in my life and i text this girl late at nite (one in the morning) and told her that when she moves from holland back to england im going to give her a ...

A.   9 October 2006: i know the feeling you send an emotional text late at night then when you wake up in the morning realise you havent received a text back and feel like the stupidest person in the world but dont worry its not end of the world we've all done and you ... (read in full...)

Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

Q.   well im 17 and my bf is 16, it was a bout 2 weeks ago now but me and my bf were just messing around wen we found our selfs gettin undressed he didnt hav a condom so i said k we cant hav sex and he agreed but we were still undressed and he got on top ...

A.   9 October 2006: not alot of people get pregnant like that but it can and does happen dontleave it to chance buy a pregnancy test or if your intending on having a sexual relationship with him consider going on the pill or getting the implant just to be on the safe ... (read in full...)

I'm 16, my BF is 18 and he is complete asshole when he goes out drinking!

Q.   I am 16 and my bf of 4 months is 18. He occasionally goes out and gets drunk. More recently it's become a regular thing, and he'll ring me or i'll ring him, and he'll start being a complete asshole after a while. Am i overreacting to be pissed off ...

A.   6 October 2006: what differance does it make if he's 18 or not? why cant you go out with him so that your involved more with him and his mates... (read in full...)

I go on and off the pill - does this mess with your hormones?

Q.   I go on and off the pill! is this dangerous as it messes with your hormones or is it fine!?...

A.   4 October 2006: i used to mess around with my pill when iwas younger mainly so i wouldnt be 'on' when i wante to stay at my boyfriends, i never noticed it afected my homones but i did end up pregnant so for that reason i wouldnt do it... (read in full...)

He was only inside me for a minute or so...can I still get pregnant?

Q.   Im 17 and yesterday I had sex with my boyfriend. It was both of our first time so it took a few tries to get it right. We were both a little drunk and it wasnt working with a condom so we decided to try without it (we are both absolutely STD free). ...

A.   1 October 2006: your dad would rather you be on birth control than come home pregnant believe me. n yeah you can get pregnant just from doing that at 17 you should probs no better. i got pregnant at 17 coz me n my bf were lazy with condoms and i was crap at takin... (read in full...)

What does it mean when a guy gives you the once over when talking to you?

Q.   I am asking a question which might seem obvious to some but need people with more experience to answer. When a guy is talking to you and you really see him give you the once over as he is talking to you does that mean he might be attracted? ...

A.   1 October 2006: yes he might be attracted to you and trying to give you a hint or he might be only after one thing and have no respect for you or he wouldnt do it so obviously. if he does it subtly he may just find you attractive if he talks to your boobs rather t... (read in full...)

He ended it and has not contacted me and the baby! He never appeciated us, so am I better off?

Q.   i have been engaged for a while an in the time weve been together he has never bought me flowers,chocolates,even after giving birth he never got me a card let alone anything else.never does he show me how im appreciated and there isnt anything i ...

A.   1 October 2006: i think if your really honest with yourself then this isnt about your baby, you love him you see the baby as a reason you should stay together but he doesnt feel the same about you. he doesnt show you your appreciated because he doesnt apprecia... (read in full...)

Got low and drunk and emailed a myspace girl a complement... Then my girl found out

Q.   i was in a relationship with a great girl, we were taking things slow, then she went away with work, when she returned home she anounced that she didn't think it would work out, and as she would be away at various times of the year and she had ...

A.   26 September 2006: she had already told you things wouldnt work out so you had kinda split up anyway so why does it matter what you said to other girls? did she actually know these girls were they her friends or just girls you met online? if they were stranger... (read in full...)

I would like to offer some help with his cocaine addiction, but he wont answer my calls, why doesnt he want to know me now ?

Q.   I have a strange tale and a question that I wish could be answered. I met a young man at work who first pursued me with friendship and flirting. Within the two months that we saw each other about every day we developed a strong attachment, and ...

A.   26 September 2006: to be honest i think you should just walk away and let them get on with it. your getting way too involved with someone who seems to only want you for sex. i once helped my cousin who had a drug problem and believe me its not easy and you CANT help... (read in full...)

Why do I keep getting pregnant to men I don't really love?

Q.   I am 23 years old and have a 4 year old child. At the age of 17 I had an abortion and it was a really harrowing experience as I didn't tell anyone. Then earlier this year, I had another, but this time felt able to tell family and friends, although ...

A.   26 September 2006: Just get the contraceptive injection or implant then you havent got to remember to take the pill everyday. i got pregnant at 17 and kept her. only reason i got pregnant is because i kept forgetting pill n me n my bf never used a condom, i was young ... (read in full...)

Im 17 hes 15, we have a sexual relationship that our are aware although know its illegal, is this allowed ?

Q.   i am 17, i have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now.only problem being hes younger than me, hes nearly 15. i know its strange but hes not your average 15 yr old mentally and physically. weve grown realy close, in a stable relationship and have ...

A.   17 September 2006: technically its against the law but to be honest there's very little anyone can do about it because its not forced sex. i have plenty of friends who have been dating older lads and non of them have ever got in trouble if you were 30 it might be a ... (read in full...)

Will this guy I like know I'm a virgin, when we do it for the first time?

Q.   hi i need some advice! im 17 and im a virgin but this lad im seeing doest know i am! i have done sexual things beofre but i have never gone the whole way lol will he know im a virgin when i have sex for the first time???? ...

A.   16 September 2006: i never told my boyfriend i was a virgin when i first slept with hm, luckily i didnt bleed n knew what i was doing so he didnt have a clue but if you bleed he's gunna know just tell him he'll respect you for it anyway x x x... (read in full...)

He has changed since I became pregnant, he also said while we are living apart the baby is my problem!!!

Q.   Pregnant and partner has changed, would love an opinion please? I am 32 weeks pregnant in a high risk pregnancy. I cant live with my partner as he works away from where I live and originally he has promised to come to where I live, but says h...

A.   15 September 2006: ive been through a pregnancy alone and it wasnt easy but its harder for you because you dont know where you stand with him and your emotions are being thrown back n forward. you've come this far near enough on your own so for know just focus on your... (read in full...)

Sorry to bother but:- Does the same apply to women as men, once a cheat always a cheat ?

Q.   Good answers on the male-female cheating question. But I've got one more question sorry to bother. When males cheat its most likely than not they are going to do it again, evean if they luv their spouses. Is it safe to say the same for women. Or ...

A.   15 September 2006: i dont know you cant tar everbody with the same brush some men will learn there lesson and never cheat again whereas others will keep doing it its all about temptation and seriously if you LOVED your partner you wouldnt cheat if you think you would ... (read in full...)

Has everyone cheated at least once in their lives ???

Q.   I'm curious. I jus want 2 know has every person cheated at least once in thier lifes? I jus find that alot of people on here have alot of questions about it n it seems alot of us have done it....

A.   15 September 2006: maybe alot of us have but we cant speak for everyone im sure alot of people have never cheated at all. and people cheat for differant reason some people genuingly think they are in love with two people and some people cheat purely for sex and dont ... (read in full...)

My GF broke up with me today and I just can't get her out of my head...

Q.   My gf broke up with me today, at first i went all hyper and in an almost sarcastic mood, but now ive been drinking lots of gin, and taken about 8 paracetamol, and ive also been crying loads, and everything i look at reminds me of her. I cant even ...

A.   12 September 2006: i've been here few times before n only way to heal a broken heart is to give it time you might cry for weeks but it will get better believe me. and alcohol is a depressant it might make you feel better at first but in long run it'll make you feel ... (read in full...)

I really love him but cant tell him im a virgin!! Im size 8 would this be why any form of penetration hurts ?

Q.   My bf and i live together he's 27 and has a daughter aged 8 who doesnt live with us, Im older than him and i have the ordeal of still being a virgin. We love each other very much, however ive not told him im still a virgin, hes slept with 27 girls ...

A.   12 September 2006: you have to tell him when you do have sex for the first time you might bleed and then he's going to know anyway. im a size 8 and had sex for first time when i was 16 and it didnt hurt at all so it really has nothing to do with size but you have to ... (read in full...)

Could he have snogged another while he was away???

Q.   Hi there, This is a really silly problem but i cant get it out of my head. My boyfriend has just spent a weekend in New York with his best friend, who is single. I asked him whether his friend scored any women at all and he said yes, he did...

A.   12 September 2006: i think your insecure maybe he wasnt there at the time maybe his friend just told him what happened. you said you dont like him flirting with pretty woman - why dont you think your pretty? obviously your bf does or he wouldnt be with you. men f... (read in full...)

My guy friends gave me erotic gifts for my birthday...I'm wondering if my bf is angry about all this.

Q.   This happened a week before my boyfriend and I went on a trip together for a week. It happens so to be my birthday at that time, and my male friends (close friends) gave me a birthday present which to me was a little bit shocking. I opened it in the ...

A.   12 September 2006: why are you so 'conservative' its a box of condoms not a bondage kit. maybe its just me but sex is supposed to be fun dont take it so seriously have a laugh with your bf about it use the condoms and be a bit more open minded lifes too short to be a ... (read in full...)

I want to have sex with my boyfriend - but he is 21 and I'm only 14!

Q.   ive bin with my boyfrien 4 seven months im 14 and hes 21 we have decided to have sex and got contraception and such like but im really nervous because i dnt no wat mt body should look like plz can you help me ? ...

A.   12 September 2006: so far everyones just said dont have sex but reading your queston you have already decided your going to so what exactly is the question you said you dont know what your body should look like. whats that suppose to mean? some 14 year olds are matt... (read in full...)

I'm 14 years old and no girl has ever said she likes me!

Q.   Hi, im 14 years old now and just frustrated now. In all my life i have never had a girlfriend and no girl has ever said she liked me. people say oh it doesnt matter when your young but it does, I know from experience. I admit im shy but i do talk ...

A.   7 September 2006: your 14!! seriusly this kind of stuff hasnt even started yet nobody takes anything to seriously when there 14 and girls dont go around saying they like you because when your at school you get enough stick as it is. yo have the rest of your life thin... (read in full...)

Need advice about the art of sex! Any help is appreciated!

Q.   hey folks, i'm 17 years old male and never had sex and was just want to know a couple of things. 1- when i go to have sex will i know when my penis is in and when to start thrusting 2- should i feel some sort of pleasure from the start or at le...

A.   7 September 2006: your looking at it like its something that needs an instruction manual if you see it like that your not going to enjoy it theres no right ot wrong way to do it just go with the flow, you'll know what to do when it comes down to it. and for gods sake... (read in full...)

Any Sheffielders? Say "hi"

Q.   Just curious if anyone else is from Sheffield, England? xx...

A.   28 August 2006: hellooo im from sheff home of the blades best team ever :) x x x... (read in full...)

Tatoo turn off!!! How do I tell her?

Q.   I have a dilemma. My girlfriend has a tattoo. It's not very large, and its right in the small of her back. The problem is, I really don't like it, and for a bad reason. A tattoo in that spot just has negative associations for me: 'tramp stamp' an...

A.   28 August 2006: i dont think you have any right to ask her to get it removed at all. your the one who has issues with this and thats your problem and you need to deal with it not your girlfriend, its such a small unreasonable thing to be bothering you and if you t... (read in full...)

I enjoy getting off to lesbian porn, but dont actually fancy women !!???

Q.   am i gay? i am 19 im attracted to guys and love having sex with guys but i keep havin lesbian fantasies and it turns me on to watch lesbian porn but im not attracted to girls, i am so confused........

A.   23 August 2006: your not attracted to girls but you have lesbian fantasies?? you need to think that through your confused but we cant tell you wether your bisexual or not only you know that. would you have sex with a girl if you had the chance or do you like the ... (read in full...)

Handy Work!!

Q.   hi all i was just windering if anyone could tell me how to toss a lad off i don't ave a clue what to do.... plz help xxx...

A.   23 August 2006: if you really have no idea how then you probably shudnt be doing it at all. otherwise ask if you can watch him doing it first then copy him... (read in full...)

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