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He ended it and has not contacted me and the baby! He never appeciated us, so am I better off?

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Question - (30 September 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 1 October 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

i have been engaged for a while an in the time weve been together he has never bought me flowers,chocolates,even after giving birth he never got me a card let alone anything else.never does he show me how im appreciated and there isnt anything i wouldnt do to show him how much i love him,yet he was suppose to exchange a safety gate and cooker guard for our babys safety,yet he decided to end it over issues without my version of events and not even thought about our sons safety,as he has not contacted us.

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A female reader, lucky lynne Ireland +, writes (1 October 2006):

lucky lynne agony auntAre you sure this baby wasnt a trap?Why doesnt he want to contact you?Have you thought about his version of events?There has got to be more to this than you are saying.Was he at the birth?You seem to base your importance on "what he has or hasnt bought you".I think theres a deeper reason to why he hasnt contacted you. If he hasnt contacted you,how do you know his issues?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (1 October 2006):

What Toria and uonlyliveonce have written makes a lot of sense.

He is immature, and while he may not - obviously does not -want to be involved with you romantically, he IS OBLIGATED to pay child support, since he's the father, whether he wants to or not.

Go to court and get an order for him to begin paying it! Not just for your sake, but for his baby's sake.

Yes, you are better off!

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A female reader, Toria +, writes (1 October 2006):

Toria agony auntThis guy committed to you and had a baby with you therefore having responsibility but he is showing no maturity or being responsible regarding the fact he has a child.

I think you are better off at least until this guy grows up and realises he needs take his responsibilitys seriously and having a baby is a big thing and alot of time and committment needs to be put in.

Good luck :o)

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A female reader, uonlyliveonce United Kingdom +, writes (1 October 2006):

uonlyliveonce agony aunti think if your really honest with yourself then this isnt about your baby, you love him you see the baby as a reason you should stay together but he doesnt feel the same about you.

he doesnt show you your appreciated because he doesnt appreciate you, you say he didnt send you card after the birth, wasnt he at the birth?

and i dont understand whatyour saying about the safety gate and your sons safety??

the baby shoud be his responsibility aswell as yours but if he doesnt want to know you cant make him. no dad is better than a bad dad. make sure you get child support and walk away he isnt worth your time.

just because you have a child together doesnt mean you should be romantically involved it might hurt but he doesnt love you simply because you had a baby together, move on with your life.

good luck x

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