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Questions for women about virginity and sex...

Q.   Okay I don't want to seem rude or anger anyone when I ask this. I am simply curious to know more about women and their beliefs on virginity and sex. 1) Do many women lose their virginity after high school 2) Do a lot of women save themselves f...

A.   4 January 2009: I lost my virginity shortly after i turned 17 (i'm still 17 now) and i've never regretted it. Nearly all my friends who are the same age have had sex by now, and I know that one or two of them have regretted it. For example, my friend lost her ... (read in full...)

What did the x in the text mean?

Q.   hey right about a hour ago , i told this boy who i like, that i love him , but hes got a girl friend i texted him saying "im sorry but i have i bit of feeling for you xx" and he texted back saying "ok x " with a kiss did that mean any thin...

A.   17 December 2008: Hitting on him is a bad idea, he already has a girlfriend and his brother is your ex. Going out with him would be a relationship landmine. Steer clear and find another guy. xxx... (read in full...)

Sex with his dad to get a baby?

Q.   My husband wants children, and so do I, and we have been trying for a baby, but without success. Nothing we have tried seemed to work. Me and my husband were having a conversation about the issue one night, and trying to think of ways to have chi...

A.   11 December 2008: Does he realise that this means his wife will be giving birth to his younger brother or sister, not his child?! It really doesnt sound like a good idea, it sounds downright creepy to be honest, and you are obviously very uncomfortable with it,... (read in full...)

What can I do to make him happy?

Q.   My boyfriend got mad at me because I hugged my dad when he got me an ipod today for my birthday. My boyfriend said he doesn't want me hugging other guys. What can I do to make him happy? ...

A.   30 November 2008: Thats crazy! Is he threatened your going to fall in love with your dad or something?! Your dads not 'another guy', hes your family. Sorry but your boyfriend sounds a bit twisted, if that was a serious comment he made. Not to mention controll... (read in full...)

I'm having trouble getting over my girlfriend's past

Q.   I'm having trouble getting over my girlfriend's past. She is a virgin, so with her being a virgin, I believed she had never done anything remotely sexual. I was wrong. Within the first 3 months she told me about flashing some random mexicans. I...

A.   28 November 2008: You have to bear in mind, shes NOT a different person. Shes the exact same girl she was when you first got together, she had still done all those things, you just didn't know about them. Nobody comes into a new relationship with a clean slate (you ... (read in full...)

How do I split my time between my boyfriend and friends?

Q.   Hello, right well i have this prolem, me and my two best mtes were so so close done everything together, tld each other everything but then i got a boyfriend, i hve never felt like thid for anyone before, he means everything to me but so do the girl...

A.   27 November 2008: I have the exact opposite problem! my best friend spends every second of the day with her boyfriend, and even if me and my other friend are around them both, we're pretty much invisible. Me and my other friend both have boyfriends as well, but they ... (read in full...)

Improve Image Or Relationship?

Q.   My girlfriend and I have been together for eight months. We love eachother very much and have just finished school, and no, we haven't had sex, and we don't plan to for a very long time. This is my first relationship but this is her third because ...

A.   23 November 2008: Aww your girlfriend is lucky to have found a guy as sweet and patient as you :) Don't stress too much about the adverts too much, like Emilyanswers said, you rarely see kissing in them anyway. Keep taking things at your own pace, and kiss when it... (read in full...)

I said the only reason I danced with her was because I felt sorry for her... how do I fix this?

Q.   My friends and me went to a fancy school dance. One of my girl best friend (I think she likes me) she looked a disco ball. She ask me to dance (I did and she was awful). Long story short I talking to my friend and I said. Friend: So you...

A.   23 November 2008: Wow that was really harsh. Imagine yourself in that situation: a girl you really like dances with you, then you overhear her telling a friend that your ugly, and it was only because she feels sorry for you. After hearing that, is there anything she ... (read in full...)

Is he ashamed to take me out in public or just simply scared that someone else might come along?

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now. We've always been very close and honest with each other. But recently it seems like he's ashamed to take me out anywhere, or even show me affection in front of family. I've told him that a ...

A.   17 November 2008: To be honest, I don't think many guys would be comfortable kissing their girlfriend in front of their parents, and much less her parents. My boyfriend never does either, and i'm fine with that, it would be pretty awkward for us and definately our ... (read in full...)

Emotionally Abused

Q.   I am with a guy that is emotionally abusive I guess. I don't feel like I can trust him at all. For some reason I just can't get myself to leave him. I love him so much, but he makes me hurt so bad. He broke up with me many times and says it is ...

A.   12 November 2008: Sweetie, please leave perhaps the reason you stay with him is that he has broken you down and degraded you so much you feel you don't deserve anything better, or that he is the best you can get. I promise you, he is not. You deserve someone ... (read in full...)

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