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I want to travel the world and all this other stuff

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Is there any way to reject someone nicely?

Q.   Hi, This is just a short question but is there any way to reject a guy nicely? this guy keeps asking me out and I haven't ever given him a straight answer because I just dont want to offend him, any ideas? We are quite good friends, but he is ...

A.   25 May 2011: Don't be the girl who thinks she is saving someone from hurt when in reality they're being totally spineless. I think marieclarie is right ... (read in full...)

Just how likely is my penis size going to be a problem when I do become sexually active?

Q.   This will seem like it's verging on a question I've seen asked a hundred or more times across the net, but bear with. Does size matter? I've read up on it enough to have my own thoughts on this, but it's still playing on my mind a lot. I've rece...

A.   25 May 2011: Yeah okay penis size matters, but it's not all that matters. ... (read in full...)

Do porn stars really enjoy very hard core porn?

Q.   I recently saw a porn that was very hardcore in my eyes, and was wondering if the women that star in the movies actually enjoy themselves. There was 5 men and one woman and they each did her anally, directly followed by orally till they cummed in ...

A.   24 May 2011: I'm sure is (not physically!) numb to all that now. Just waits for it to be over so she can get paid. I feel really sorry for her... (read in full...)

If a girl gives out her contact info to a guy without any intention of dating him, is it leading him on???

Q.   ok this friend of mine (a girl) got into an argument recently and i would love to hear your opinion on this. she is very pretty and she gets hit upon a lot. she is very friendly too so she engages guys in conversations. then they inevitably ask f...

A.   23 May 2011: This is leading on... (read in full...)

My best friend is blowing me off for a guy I hate!

Q.   My best friend is dating the one person I DETESTE and I'm cool with that but she keeps using the same excuse every time I ask her to go somewhere 'oh I'm ill' or 'I had a bad night's sleep' and really all she's doing is blowing me off so she can go ...

A.   21 May 2011: I have a friend exactly like this. She is like 'oh I can't come out tonight my mum wants a family dinner' We all know her mum and she would not ever want a family dinner! Argh, these people are annoying... (read in full...)

Would I get more attention from boys if I let my grades slip down to C and Ds?

Q.   Do some boys feel intimidated if a girl gets very high marks at school? It seems to me that the girls who get so much more attention from boys do not get as good grades? Or am I wrong here? Should I try to slacken off a bit at school? One of the ...

A.   21 May 2011: Depends what type of guy. A girl with low grades is more likely to get a cocky short term guy whereas a clever girl will get a better guy... (read in full...)

Cheaters: Did you regret leaving your SO for the person you were cheating with?

Q.   Hi, is there anybody out there that as cheated on their husbands/wifes, left their husbands/wifes and moved in with the person they were cheating on them with? How long did your relationship last and did you end up regretting it? The reason I a...

A.   21 May 2011: I haven't heard of a relationship which has come about under those circumstances and lasted. Ever. ... (read in full...)

What do you think about open relationships?

Q.   Hello there, I would just like to ask people what they think of open relationships.. Do they really ever work? Interested to hear about experiences and or opinions of any type of open relationship. Are there certain conditions under which they wor...

A.   21 May 2011: I would personally feel really rejected if someone asked me to enter into an open relationship!... (read in full...)

The action didin't happen and now boyfriend doesn't want to talk about it!

Q.   Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I planned on having sex with each other for the first time. He planned a date and everything was really nice and by the end of the night I was definitely ready to do it...but he was too nervous or something to get it ...

A.   21 May 2011: He will be really embarrassed he failed to get it up. Your best bet is to reassure him in a sly way. Compliment him and tell him he's so sexy or something. If you plan it then he is bound to get nervous I would say the best idea is now just to let ... (read in full...)

What is the difference between "cute", "pretty" and "beautiful"?

Q.   So my boyfriend said I wasn't considered pretty or beautiful but cute, and he said that he would prefer cute over anything else. I saw something on the internet about cute vs pretty vs beautiful and hot. I can't find it anywhere; can someone help me ...

A.   21 May 2011: Seems like asking him is the best idea because those words could mean totally different things to him than they do to people on this site... (read in full...)

My receptionist gf adds guests on her personal facebook account! Am I right to be angry??

Q.   My girlfriend work as a receptionist in a hotel and she really loves her job. i work in the same place as a security guard (that's were we met) we trust and love each other and she shows me everyday and i really love her and trust her too.. we've ...

A.   21 May 2011: If she is adding them on a Facebook account that you have access to look at then don't worry. If she was up to something surely she would try and be a little secretive about it.... (read in full...)

How do we develop friendships and socialise with other people in our community? No one seems to want to socialise with us

Q.   My wife and I are in our mid to late 40s and have been married for almost 20 years and have one son who is ready to be on his own feet. Our BIG problem is that we do not have any friends. In fact no one wants to be friends with us. We have trie...

A.   20 May 2011: Join clubs to meet people with similar interests. ... (read in full...)

Is revenge worthwhile or just a waste of time?

Q.   I would like to know what you think about this question.. Is revenge really worth anything, or it is just a waste of time? ...

A.   18 May 2011: Depends how long term that person damaged you.... (read in full...)

Hate myself for feeling jealous at my gf's success

Q.   This is gonna sound like I am a jerk but I am gonna be honest because I need help, if you can help. I am dating this girl, she's real pretty and an aspiring actress. I am a regular guy with an office job. I encourage her but truthfully I am ...

A.   18 May 2011: This reminds of the phrase if you worry about being poor you might as well be poor. If your spending so much time thinking about her success then the she might as well be successful, until that moment comes you need to stop worrying! Enjoy ... (read in full...)

He promised he'd never cheat,

Q.   my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 9mths now, and he has recently cheated on me. the whole time we were together, he always promised that he would never ever cheat on me, and if so then he would break up with me first. since he has ...

A.   18 May 2011: That he has put so much emphasis on 'not cheating' possibly shows it has crossed his mind several times before, people should just KNOW their partner wouldn't cheat and it's an unspoken rule. You clearly dont want this guy back he has been the one ... (read in full...)

Questions about stopping the pill?

Q.   Hello everyone! :) I am 20 years old and started going on birth control about 6 months ago. This past Saturday was my last day on the pill not only because it was getting to the point of being $50 a month but also because we honesty don't fe...

A.   18 May 2011: Well everyones body has a minor different reaction to the pill and going of it. I don't think you will really experience much, although I can say that I had an extremely painful period when I got off the pill. It's hard to say as you say you use ... (read in full...)

Partner has walked out on me but is coming back to talk tonight, how do I make sure he gives us another try and doesn't leave for good?

Q.   hi everyone i am really upset my partner of three years has walked out on me. he says the spark from our relationship has gone and he doesn't love me anymore. we have a five month daughter who is recovering from meningitis, i had a difficult preg...

A.   18 May 2011: Best tip is not to sound needy or desperate as that will make him push you away more... (read in full...)

Why are guys reactions rude when they hear I don't have facebook, or drink alcohol!?

Q.   Right. So I'm 18 and i don't have facebook or drink by choice. Many guys tend to find this strange or don't believe me! And I don't like the reactions they give! But whatever, it's my choice right? I'm just not interested in facebook like ev...

A.   16 May 2011: Just wanted to say good for you :)... (read in full...)

On the inside I feel ugly and fat.

Q.   I have put on loads of weight recently, and now i feel really ugly. It makes me feel awful, but i'll be honest, knowing that i'm pretty stops me from doing anything about my weight. I'm a size 16, but have quite big bones, so i'm just really luck...

A.   16 May 2011: Normally I find looking at how hot some skinny people are helps me stick to my diet!!... (read in full...)

Ideas for a perfect date?

Q.   I need ideas for a perfect date. That won't be expensive. And one that a girl will love an she will never forget. I need idea plzz help I need female advice. But everyone is welcome to give me ideas:)...

A.   15 May 2011: Well what is this girl into? Is she romantic? What are her hobbies? A little information on her is needed to plan a date for her! ... (read in full...)

Is married man hinting for me to sleep with him?

Q.   Hello, What does it mean when a married man hints to you that he is staying in a bad situation? Is he lying or telling you the truth? Does he want to sleep with you? Interested in a relationship? Wants to give you a green light to pursue him?...

A.   12 May 2011: It could mean anything, he may also just really need someone to talk to and it slips out every now and then.... (read in full...)

How do I stop imagining how my wife cheated with this older man?

Q.   Please help! I am still coming to terms with my wife having a full-blown emotional and physical affair with an older man. What I absolutely cannot get out of my head are the thoughts and images of these two people going at it - this man doing t...

A.   12 May 2011: When a now ex boyfriend told me he had cheated I had exactly the same problem. If I am honest the way I got rid of the images in my head was by ending the relationship, this doesn't sound like it's what you want to do and I'm not suggesting you do, ... (read in full...)

How do I ask out a shy girl?

Q.   How do I ask out a shy girl? I 'arranged' to meet her however there's no set time or place. How do I get a time out of her so we can meet up and get to know each other? I don't know her very well and I don't want her to feel intimidated, i'm a li...

A.   12 May 2011: Well if she is shy and hasn't suggested a time then maybe ou should ask 'are you free at ____?'. I think your best move is take it slow, you want her to open up to you before you enter a relationship because you don't want to have to deal with her ... (read in full...)

I'm willing to make whatever changes are necessary to improve my chances for intimacy

Q.   Hello, I thought that my teenage years were going to be about out who I was and to some extent I have. But I am missing the one thing I desire most, intimacy. I guess the care from my family isn't enough any more. I want someone I care abou...

A.   12 May 2011: Well you sound like a really nice guy, but you come across as quite needy. The best place to be in, mentally, regarding looking for a relationship is not feeling desperate. Desperation is a massive deterrent! Try focus on other areas if your life... (read in full...)

Could he like me too?

Q.   I like this boy. Every time I'm around him he stares at me. He doesn't look away when I catch him either, he just smiles a little. We have really good banter, when according to his friends, he's kind of quiet and sensible around most people. He ...

A.   12 May 2011: If you don't even try find out by asking then you will seriously regret it. Just go for it, the worst that could happen is he says no and then it gets a bit awkward.... (read in full...)

My parents hate my LDR and refuse to let me talk to him, let alone see him

Q.   Some basic info first: (sorry, this is going to be a bit long) I'm currently i'm a 19 y/o above average college student, living at home. I'm unemployed, but i'm currently looking for a job for the summer. I'm the oldest child of two. My boyfrien...

A.   12 May 2011: Bible Verses about Long Distance Relationships 1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV / 76 helpful votes Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Colossians 2:5 ESV / 72 helpful votes For though I am absent in bod... (read in full...)

Gettin any kind of attention from males makes me very uncomfortable

Q.   Right, so some backstory, through most of my years in middle and high school I was mocked daily for being ugly. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and hated myself. It took a very long time to learn to draw confidence from within, and although ...

A.   8 May 2011: I'm not surprised those guys that are giving you attention creep you out, they sound REALLY creepy! Some creepy men have this horrible intuitive sense where they can reel wether your shy or not, predatory sort of men, who follow people and othe... (read in full...)

Tried so hard to looked toned and look the same!

Q.   I hope you can help and I would really value your advice :-) I am just under 5 ft 4 and I weigh just over 9 stone. I have been exercising pretty vigorously since January and yet there is little difference to my appearance or how I feel! I don't ge...

A.   8 May 2011: Google weight plateu. You will understand your at one and you need to work through it with patience... (read in full...)

How can I fake being a virgin?

Q.   hi there, my name is nancy and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can fake being a virgin. because i'm gettin married soon and it's a crime in my culture to have sex before marrige....

A.   8 May 2011: Seems like an unfair culture, well anyway I would try do a ridiculous amount of kegel excersises to try and tighten yourself up a lot. It's possible to break your hymen from riding a horse or a bike so maybe try pretend you love cycling or some... (read in full...)

I go to private school, he goes to a public school....but I like him! What should I do?

Q.   can you guys help me? this summer i took a taekwondo class and i met a few people and then there's this guy he keeps looking at me and smilling. and he asked me if he could court me, i honestly like him but there's one problem. he's from public s...

A.   7 May 2011: You might want to try get over any prejudices you have against people for their social status first. If your not immediately comfortable with him then you probably won't ever be and it wouldn't work.... (read in full...)

Why do privileged kids seek out the worst society has to offer?

Q.   American society is so degenerated that regardless if you have money to keep your kids in private schools and middle class neighborhoods they will still find drugs, engage in criminal activity, and hang around the wrong people. I HAVE SEEN IT! ...

A.   7 May 2011: Oh yeah, they also have NO idea how lucky they are... (read in full...)

Why do privileged kids seek out the worst society has to offer?

Q.   American society is so degenerated that regardless if you have money to keep your kids in private schools and middle class neighborhoods they will still find drugs, engage in criminal activity, and hang around the wrong people. I HAVE SEEN IT! ...

A.   7 May 2011: Decadent capitalism. Or maybe ... Well i think a lot of young people think it's 'cool' to have this born rough attitude even when it's a massive facade. ... (read in full...)

I'm attracted to much older, married men!

Q.   I feel like I'm in dangerous and confusing territory here. I don't even know where to begin. Long story short I've been talking to a man online for 2 years. He is significantly older than me, about 24 years older ("he could be your father!" Yeah, I ...

A.   7 May 2011: I know how you feel with regards to older men but don't quite feel the same about wanting to be married as I'm normally there worrying that that are! I think the best thing to do to try and regulate yourself would be to see it from the wife's ... (read in full...)

Will the age issue be there like a sore that will not heal and eventually destroy the relationship? Help!

Q.   Hello, i am a 43 year old man and for the last year i have been in a relationship with a wonderful, beautiful, mature acting 22 year old woman. I am very happy with her, i've hit the jackpot at last.....but there are problems and i would appreciate ...

A.   5 May 2011: Ask yourself, are you feeling like all this is a knock to your confidence? Because it shouldn't! She wants you! I think with the guys your saying are being distant it's probably a sort of judgement because they don't have the ability to s... (read in full...)

Do you regret having sex before getting married?

Q.   So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now and he's 19 and I'm 17 and we've been talking about having sex for a couple of months now and my question is do any of you regret having sex before marriage or just having it at all when you ...

A.   4 May 2011: No. Intact I am very sure I would regret waiting until marriage. I don't understand why people are so afraid of sex when it's SO natural!... (read in full...)

After all boyfriend has done to me I don't know why I'm still holding on!

Q.   Hello, and thank you... First of all I'm very much still in love with my bf but I'm starting to give my head a shake. After all he has done to me, I don't know why I'm still hanging on. Its been a roller coaster ride from the beginning....

A.   4 May 2011: I found I did the same. I somehow ignored that everything was so crap just because I guess I thought id be happier with someone who I had put on a pedestal and genuinely believed it was good with that being single. I think you need to end it.... (read in full...)

I have never had a BF because I always fall for married men. Please help.

Q.   i'm 25 years of age, a girl. no boyfriend since birth and i don't know why. every guy i met told me that i'm beautiful and a bit shocked that i haven't got any boyfriends at all, but i don't know why i am always attracted to "attached guys" ...

A.   4 May 2011: Maybe you like the idea of a man being potentially unatainable. That's what my mum always told me! Who knows, you are your own best judge of character!... (read in full...)

What's the secret to attracting a woman?

Q.   Please tell me what REALLY TURNS ON A WOMEN. What gives her that spark to feel so attracted she'll jump into your arms?...

A.   4 May 2011: Confidence. Most easily shown through good posture and a strong body.... (read in full...)

How do I improve my performance when I'm with my partner? Is there anything I can do?

Q.   When we have sex, I find that it takes a long time to climax and I am not always sure that I have done so. I continue thrusting for at least twenty minutes. Is there any way of trying to improve trying to climax during sex?...

A.   4 May 2011: Twenty mins isn't that long... Unless your not enjoying yourself. Are you sort of having really samey sex? If you are then it sounds like you might wanna try spice stuff up and act out some fantasies you have so you can try a more intense sexual e... (read in full...)

Why did the doctor ask me if I'm in a relationship? I can't see the relevance

Q.   i'v just been to see my doctor i'v got a sore throat. So what relevance was there to his question to me, asking if i'm in a relationship? why did he ask me if i'm in a relationship? How was that appropriate?...

A.   3 May 2011: Because lifestyle has a big impact on health!... (read in full...)

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