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My boyfriend says I'm like a comedy show

Q.   My boyfriend says I am a comedy sitcom show and that I am funny....He says this especially during an argument or after an argument. Why does it make me feel bad? Should I? I'm feeling like I'm a joke to him. He is the emotionally verb...

A.   21 June 2011: Tell him his hands are too small and you don't like his frilly white shirt, so the arrangement is off.... (read in full...)

He hoards things for too long. What can I do to encourage him to have clean out?

Q.   HI there guys, May I ask you something? I really need your thoughts about this situation I am in. I am married to a man far more older than I am, a 20-year gap. We've been married for almost 2 years now. He has a lot of things in his house that he ...

A.   21 June 2011: Sorry but I'm going to use this Post as an example of the boxes we climb into. The clutter we fill our minds with, our houses with, our relationships with. How we somehow find ourselves climbing out of the box of our own clutter only to find our... (read in full...)

Is a lie at the beginning of a friendship just as bad as a lie at the beginning of a relationship?

Q.   Do you think a lie at the beginning of a friendship is just as bad and damaging as a lie at the beginning? of a romantic relationship? We've been talking and hanging out for only a few months. I started lying to a friend before I knew her, liked...

A.   21 June 2011: Actually I've known guys like you. And when they eventually came clean I was flattered that they thought they had to be something more to impress me. Some I was naive on, good actors, others I was on to the smoke up my butt. But it is best to put ... (read in full...)

How do I tell my sister in law that her husband is cheating on her?

Q.   My sister in law's husband (My wifes sister) is cheating on her. He is 50 and he is didling their once babysitter who is in her early 20's. They have 4 kids (3 through 18). He told me he was going to stop but I have confirmed again it is still going ...

A.   21 June 2011: Personally I would like to know, it may solidify a lot of issues that are being experienced and questionable. Kind of like Gas Lighting questions for the wife. There is the question of jealousy on your part also. You don't want to break up a fam... (read in full...)

I'm the middle child and my parents play favourites

Q.   My parents play favorites. I am the middle child with an older sister whose going into college and a younger brother whose going into 4th grade. My brother and sister always get treated better than me, when im probably the easiest child they have. ...

A.   21 June 2011: And the spoils go to the spoiled. You're not, so chances are you'll receive the treasures of life. Patience, endurance, independence, courage, etc.. However if you need attention you will have to ask for it. If it is not given you will have to d... (read in full...)

Is this normal or is something wrong?

Q.   hello i need a quick help plz i had my period on the 8th june 2011 which lasted up to a week and then i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend but the next day i took the morning after pill and after 6 days of taking the pill i woke up with hea...

A.   21 June 2011: I have no idea, you need a doctor to tell you what's up with that. But it sounds like you may have forced a chemical miscarriage (IMO) ... (read in full...)

Not in the mood for sex after childbirth. What am I going to do?

Q.   i've been with my husband for alittle over 3 years. we have a 19 month old boy and after he was born my sex drive has gone from waking him up to make love to pushing him off me when he wants to. what am i going to do?...

A.   21 June 2011: You know what they say about the hand that rocks the cradle. If you wake him for sex it seems like a power move. Maybe rocking that cradle has rocked your world from submission to dominance. Maybe you've gained some power and control that you didn... (read in full...)

The fiance and pornographic material

Q.   I have a question and maybe someone could answer for me. I am engaged to a wonderful man. It took us awile to get where we're at right now. I moved in with my fiance back in January. He gave me his email password to show me that I could trust ...

A.   21 June 2011: Well if someone gives me the keys to their car, chances are I'll drive it. If they tell me to never look in the trunk chances are I'll look. Chances of finding a dead cat in the trunk unlikely but you never know until you venture there. So is it a... (read in full...)

I want to call him but should I wait?

Q.   Dear Cupid: After exchanging emails with a guy I met online for about a week, I gave hime my phone number. He waited approximately 3 days and called me on his lunch break at work. Our conversations were brief but pleasant. I told him that I enjoy...

A.   21 June 2011: Well if he is shy he's going to have to cowboy up if he wants a date with you or live in misery, his choice. I have heard through the grape vine that even the most shy of men come out roaring like a lion when there lion loins tell them it is so.... (read in full...)

How do I get over my ex? I'm struggling to do that. Still hurt and seething inside.

Q.   I am struggling to get over my ex, we were together over 2 years. He squashed my self worth and lied so much that in the end I had no choice but to leave. The problem is I am extremely bitter! I'm full of anger, hurt and sadness when I think ab...

A.   20 June 2011: I tend to look back on the men I have left or avoided or just plain ignored over the years. Then I relate it to the simple fact that this man is not into me. I leave my ego out of it, thus no real hurt because then it's all just facts, just ... (read in full...)

I know what I should do, but I can't. I feel like a free prostitute. Help!

Q.   I am seeing my x boyfriend from 15yrs ago. He is married now with 2kids. We talk every day and he knows I'm totally in love with him. So we meet a couple of times a week and we mess around only but he refuses to kiss me or spend more than an hour ...

A.   18 June 2011: Next time he shows up tell him to put some money on the table first, that should clue him in and than throw him out.... (read in full...)

How can my gf get bigger breasts without surgery?

Q.   I just got a girlfriend and i love her. We were talking one day and she told me she wanted bigger boobs. I was shocked to hear this. She wears like a 40C and she is kinda cramped in it. I stayed over her house that weekend and tried to convince her ...

A.   18 June 2011: Ask her how you can get bigger feet. When she looks at you like, dah, what are you talking about. Mention to her that dah, she doesn't need bigger breasts.... (read in full...)

I seem to have stopped loving my husband entirely. Where have my feelings gone? Why can't I rekindle them?

Q.   It's been 10 years since I met my husband, and I've been faithful to him all this time. We've had a difficult relationship. We used to fight constantly. We've both caused each other a lot of suffering and heartbreak. We've lived through poverty ...

A.   18 June 2011: You reinforce your love through your chaos and misery. Now that you are living comfortably you are no longer satisfied. It's not so much your marriage as it is your character. What you need is conflict and there is nothing wrong with that. Thos... (read in full...)

Boyfriend acting suspicious (for nothing) or am I over analyzing his actions?

Q.   So... my bf got keeps some texting habits from me. He said he wasn't ever allowed to text in a past relationship and so he hid it and now does the same, even though I don't care who he texts. We had this problem for a while, I usually brushed it ...

A.   12 June 2011: Two things are going on, he's getting his ego stroke from his ex everytime she as much as say "hi" and he gets the other stroke from you when you show jealousy or anger or curiosity. He's got his own glee club going on. Next time don't react, don'... (read in full...)

Why is he being unreliable? He's 40. Why can't he be honest?

Q.   Okay so I met a guy quite a few months ago he chased me for a long time but I had other stuff going on and wasn't ready to date anybody so although I talked to him I made it clear what my situation was yet he persisted. Finally in February of t...

A.   12 June 2011: He's got your number and now you have his. Question is why would you be rattling on about someone who is unreliable unless maybe you have commitment issues of your own. Most would be treating this situation like they just bumped grocery carts. ... (read in full...)

One day eye contact, the next day he ignores me!

Q.   I have a next door neighbor who is really cute. The other day I saw him while he was at the elevator waiting to go down and we made eye contact and it was instant chemistry(I was looking real good, by the way). Now, today I see him going downstairs ...

A.   12 June 2011: Lives next door. Check your walls for cams. Just jokin' Though you did read the news about the computer geek taking a peek. Knock on his door, ask for a cup of sugar and see where that goes. If he's got computer equipment everywhere, again ch... (read in full...)

My on again off again love wants me to meet him and the lady he lives with. Should I?

Q.   I need some help and I've exhausted my friends who have no answers. This is long and for that I apologise. I meet this great guy online over a year ago (end of Dec '09). He's relocated to my country, but is from overseas. We have a f...

A.   12 June 2011: The webs we weave on the web! He has a drinking problem and knows it. No denial The live in lady knows about you, has zero problem meeting you. No denial. You are the only one who not only has issues with this arrangement but does not see why... (read in full...)

How long should I wait before asking another girl out?

Q.   I broke up with my gf on Friday and I just wanted some peoples opinion on how long should I wait before i ask another girl out. I wasn't going to do it straight away but some others opinions please?...

A.   12 June 2011: Things have changed, I didn't think there was a protocol on teen dating. In junior high anyone could find themselves in a new RS by the end of second period. I've seen RS's on school buses that lasted 10 minutes only to find their one truely new ... (read in full...)

Ex's Cold Behavior

Q.   My ex broke up with me over a stupid reason, a minor disagreement that occurred between us. However, instead of trying to talk things out like a normal person, he decides to dump me. He always does this! Whenever there is a problem that occurs or he ...

A.   12 June 2011: It's obvious that you don't like this guy. He's irrational and has behavior problems. So you try to change him, mold him, teach him. And you wonder why it doesn't work. Have you ever seen those morphing, screaming demon faces on youtube. Th... (read in full...)

How do I open up my heart again?

Q.   I went through an awful situation with my best friend, which hurt me a lot. Afterwards, he went straight into another relationship but this time with another boy. To save our friendship and spare my emotions, I pretended I didn't care and battled ...

A.   12 June 2011: Actually I have to say that pretending not to care was the way you protected your integrity, which is not a bad thing. The way you became detached and invulnerable to future contacts is the way you have learned to set limitations on how you will... (read in full...)

Do I need to achieve more so I can get who I desire?

Q.   I got this problem. I like beautiful girls! lol Outer beauty isn't the only thing, but higher status guys definitely go after them. My looks are 8-9. That doesn't mean a lot to women who look just as good though. So I was wondering, do I need to ...

A.   12 June 2011: You'll never be a ladies man if you think you get to KEEP who you WANT ! Whoa... it's all about class, and class is not just good looks and 6 figures. It's about character, ideals, and self respect. I could go on.. You can dress it up all you ... (read in full...)

Husband has totally ignored me for 2 years

Q.   I have been married 26 years and in the last two years my husband rejects my all ways. He spent long hours at work and when He gets home ignores me. I feel like a caregiver. When talk about this situation He complains about work. I do not how long I ...

A.   12 June 2011: Married 26 years and only been ignored for the past 2 years? Kudos to you and yours, you've got it good woman! However if he's complaining about work maybe he's got a point. Find out his work load, see if it can be reduced. Ask him if there ar... (read in full...)

Everything I try to do just falls apart

Q.   OK so things have usually gone pretty well for me and things have come relatively easy for me all of my life... until now. Lately it is like i am under some kind bad luck spell, because everything I try to do just keeps falling apart. My ...

A.   12 June 2011: Top issues, new job, new radiator. Bottom issues, relationship, kids, dog. Car to get to new job. Roof over your head and your kids is priority. Dogs will be dogs, kids will be kids, and men will be men. Relationships fluctuate like the tides th... (read in full...)

Why does everyone come to me for advice and yet I can't make the right decision for my life?

Q.   How is it that every one is always coming to me for advice, and I am assuming that they like the advice I give - they keep coming back for more...but I draw a complete blank when it comes to my own problems in life? Even when I realize exactly ...

A.   12 June 2011: It is more easy to be wise for others than for ourselves. ~François Duc de La Rochefoucauld Your a victim of indecision. Toss a coin and stick to a choice. No matter if it's good or bad, it's a choice, a direction that moves somewhere. What ... (read in full...)

I fantasize other women are screwing my bf in order to get aroused.

Q.   I get told I'm an attractive girl a lot but have been insecure my whole life, especially when it comes to sex. I can count my sexual partners on one hand. My problem is that the only way I can get aroused and have an O during sex is if I fantasize ...

A.   12 June 2011: You've taken something you enjoy and turned it into a nightmare. Don't go there, you're both enjoying an erotic and imaginative sex life. I doubt he will go looking for another women when he has one that is so giving and exciting and visual and ... (read in full...)

Her actions turned me into a monster and now I'm all messed up

Q.   Hi all, I'm looking to try and find a way through a recent break up, a very long and painful one so far, I love her with all my heart, and thought she did too, turns out I was very wrong, her actions spoke a lot louder than words, which in the end...

A.   12 June 2011: Well you're asking for help, by doing so you do recognize that you are on a path of self destruction. You will have to ask yourself how you lived before this relationship. If you were drinking and hating and full of anger before you met her. Then ... (read in full...)

Alcoholic girlfriend - can I trust her that she will stop?

Q.   My girlfriend is a self admitted alcoholic. 3 years into our relationship I saw it as a problem, and in year 4, after hidden booze and many booze-induced fights she finally admitted to it. After the initial phase of a breakup in year 4, she p...

A.   12 June 2011: Best example of alcohol addiction was the show Rescue Me But it's up to the addict to seek help, though intervention can often help. Don't loose trust in her or yourself. Relapse is almost inevitable. Read the book Co-dependent no more, for you.... (read in full...)

How do I help my adult daughter?

Q.   I feel very confused about how to help a grown up daughter. She is quiet responsible, but she had some tough family times behind her. She lost her sibling to suicide, and it created many problems later on for the whole family. I was always w...

A.   7 June 2011: Tell her just that. I really would like to help you in any way I can with anything I can, if you need me tell me what you need. I'm always here for you if you just need to talk.... (read in full...)

Why can't I get over myself?

Q.   Hi :) I think i'm frigid. I'm 16 years old, never kissed anyone, never tried to kiss anyone or go further. I have had opputunities, and i just dont feel confident enough when it comes down to making move. I'm not ugly, and i've had boys come u...

A.   7 June 2011: Maybe the porn is giving you the wrong idea's about sexual contact. Don't rely on porn as an educational course in love making. You can't become the actress of imitation. Your experiences will not be those you may think are already tried and test... (read in full...)

What is an orgasm? And how do I achieve one?

Q.   what do i do to experience an orgasm, i would like a clear defination of what orgasm really is. pls help me...

A.   7 June 2011: You'll have to excuse me for ten minutes thank you.. ... (read in full...)

Which girl should my friend marry?

Q.   My friend asked me to advise him to settle with one girl. He has two girl friends,One loves him so much, she calls him every minute, even check on him at home any time and help his family at times to cook or washes his closes. The other girl fri...

A.   7 June 2011: This is some fable or zen question right? If not you as a friend should warn both girls that your friend is an indecisive, crazy man. Common, you've got to be kidding "she washes his cloths"???... (read in full...)

I think I might have commitment issues!

Q.   Well Recently, I've noticed that everytime I go out with someone, when I start getting to know them and they start getting to know me, I start to back out a little. It happened in my previous relationship. I felt we were moving to fast so I felt I ...

A.   7 June 2011: It's not a commitment issue, it's a vulnerability issue You are afraid of people really getting to know you. Maybe there is a fear they will use it against you or you are afraid that you are flawed. But eh.. we all feel that way. Infact yo... (read in full...)

What if I've ruined my life?

Q.   I can accept an honest answer, but it takes a lot of courage to write this question because I realize how painful an answer I don't want to hear could be and how painful the truth could be. I am a teacher and I absolutely love it, but there are ti...

A.   7 June 2011: The cruise ship sounds good, but the long hours with little on shore leave is minute. Read up on that. You can always learn an instrument, you could become a VET also. Keep traveling and teaching English and pick up some courses on the side. Even... (read in full...)

I love my boyfriend, so why am I unhappy?

Q.   The title says it all, really. I've been with my boyfriend for coming up 2 years now, although I've known him since I was 14/15... we were always really close. Not best friends, but he was always there to talk to, whether I was happy or sad, ch...

A.   7 June 2011: Well you have two choices Not Happy or Miserable. Seems I'd wanna go for, let me think, Happiness! This guy is not your A&E channel, he's a guy, a human. I say leave him well enough alone until you can find your own inner happiness and en... (read in full...)

I get frustrating waiting for my LDR guy to sign in. Am I being too needy or is my attitude reasonable?

Q.   I am in a LDR My boyfriend spends a lot of time doing things online, like reading articles, playing games, etc. etc I am fine with that, but it bothers me that I know he's online the whole time but usually doesnt sign in till the evening, at a specif...

A.   7 June 2011: Online LDR"s mean one thing and one thing only. You are afraid, no, terrified of commitment. What's up with that. ... (read in full...)

Are these signs that are telling me that he will remain in my life?

Q.   What can be consider signs?.... Ok so I'm in the process of moving on from my last love, I'm seeing someone (not working) doing my own thing, etc... Anyways, I had this thing before during the time him and I were on/off relationship, it's gonna ...

A.   7 June 2011: Actually these things ARE all in your head. Try this, for one week think about chocolate icecream and red cars. Watch how many times they start to almost appear as if by magic. No, not magic, you've programed your mind to search them out. Yo... (read in full...)

Do you think she just really enjoyed my company or could she be interested?

Q.   so i've met this badass chick at work. she just started at my workplace about a month ago. since then, we've started spending more and more time together. my question is how to tell if she's interested. she would try and synchronize our ...

A.   7 June 2011: Other than her holding up a neon sign saying "KISS ME YOU FOOL" I'd say mmmmmmmmmm Yep!... (read in full...)

Shall I keep trying to get hold of him or wait for him to contact me?

Q.   Ok big help hear please peopel, Ive met this guy who i have yet to meet i have wrote about him on hear b4 about him sending a text saying how much he likes me etc Anyway we where ment to meet today but as i know hes worried about meeting m...

A.   7 June 2011: send him a picture and ask him for one. Get that mystery cleared up before you meet. ... (read in full...)

Is she leading me on for something more even though she knows we're friends?

Q.   I went to a club with a group of friends and one of them was a woman. The group was dancing but later on me and the woman ended up dancing, just me and her. We haven't known each other for very long (about a month) and she started grind dancing ...

A.   7 June 2011: Ask her.... (read in full...)

We're in a finite relationship due to our age gap, what should I do?

Q.   hi, i'm 18 and live in the uk. I have been in a relationship with a man who is now 50 for two years. My question is regarding what to do because we're in a finite relationship due to our age differences yet i have really fallen for him and he has ...

A.   7 June 2011: Well if he's been 50 for two years wouldn't he be 52? Just kidding, I get ya. I think what may have thrown you for a loop is he has said he loves you too. Ooops, maybe you weren't expecting that. I guess now you'll have to ask yourself if you ... (read in full...)

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