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Why was it so easy for him to leave me and forget everything that happened?

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Question - (4 January 2011) 1 Answers - (Newest, 4 January 2011)
A female Indonesia age 30-35, *ittle_aphrodite writes:

Dear cupid.. My heart so heavy right now.. I have a boyfriend. Well, I don't know can I call him as "boyfriend" or not because actually we never meet in rel before. I have known him for about 2 years. We met on nimbuzz. And we decided to have a relationship since 1 year ago. I live in Indonesia and he lives in India. Everyday we always kept on touch. We always used video call everyday. I said to him before that I want serious relationship and he said he is serious with this relationship. On holidays we used to spend time on chat, phone or video call until 13 hours in a day..

And he proved it. He often showed me to all his family members and his friends in college and office through video call. He said he will come to Indonesia on may 2011. We always talk about our future life.

Everything was going well. Until two weeks ago he suddenly disappeared. All of his mobile numbers off. I sent chats, email and sms but no reply at all. I have a negative thinking that time. I think that he wantedly change his number because he wants to spend new year with his ex girl friend. Just for information, his ex girl friend lives in the same city with him. And they have relationship for 4 years. And he used to tell me (when I was still his friend) that he loved his ex girl friend so much while some months ago his ex begged to back with him again. So I sent an email about all of that.

And on 30th of december 2010, suddenly he sent an email. He said that a robber stole his mobiles, laptop and wallet when we on the way to another city. And he said he was in hospital because he was bitten with that robber.

He was so angry after he read my last email. In my last email i said that he wantedly disappeared because he wanted to meet his ex girlfriend.

He even said that he wants to break up. He never like this before. He behaved strange..

And that was his last email. He didn't online at all till now. He deleted all of mu id's.. My heart so hurt now.. I don't know why so easy for him to leave me and forget all things happened.. He even didn't give me chance to say sorry. I think that all all my negative thinking are right.. I still hope that it's just a nightmare.. I still can hear his laughing.. I can see his eyes every time I go anywhere.. I love him so much.. He is part of my life this two years.. I don't know how to forget him and all sweet memories.. Please help me.. So hard for me to face up the reality...

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (4 January 2011):

Hello, first of all if he asks you for money, or to reiceive money, be warned, this is very common on Nigerean love scams.

Now to the point... I would write him an email explaning that you were just worried sick after not hearing from him in 2 weeks to you were worried sick, and apologize but there is not way you could have known.

Or try to give him a call, A CALL, dont call him 24/7 just once if he doesnt pick up dont even try, jsut write him an email...he he really cared he would read it and accept your apology, im sure he is not perfect! So if he cant understand this he wasnt worth it

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