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Why doesn't my girlfriend show her feelings to me so much?

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Question - (10 May 2011) 6 Answers - (Newest, 14 May 2011)
A male Germany age 22-25, *antheman92 writes:

my gf and i have been together for a while now and she means my life to me shes the girl of my dreams i never even thought i would have chances with her.

well i did and im perfectly happy with her, but some times i wish she would show her feelings a bit more.

i know shes reeeally in love with me but she often doesnt show it.

like i cant remember ever getting a real cute sms or sth like that from her except for as answers when i wrote her one.

and id like to know why she might not do stuff like that, even though usually girls do that more than men.

can you guys help me?

cause i dont know what to think about it

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A male reader, Dantheman92 Germany +, writes (14 May 2011):

Dantheman92 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

Dantheman92 agony auntthanks alot ppl i feel alot better now its gotten a bit better well see how itll go on

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A female reader, blonde30s United Kingdom +, writes (10 May 2011):

blonde30s agony aunti know how you feel as im a in a r.ship with a woman alot older then me, yes we are a gay couple and she dont show her feelings or send cute texts sometimes. maybe talk to your girlfriend to find out how she feels and explain how you feel.

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A female reader, hope_i_could_help Philippines +, writes (10 May 2011):

hope_i_could_help agony auntSome girls often do not know how to show their affection towards their bf cause they are shy about that kind of stuff, i know it cause i'm like that to my bf and my bf clearly understands me and i really love him too.

If she's like that, you should be the person to show more affection to her and be charming and sweet towards her. If you do that, her shyness will disappear and she will begin to show her affection towards you- im like that too coz my bf did that to me and I overcome my shyness and it became my habit to hug him and kiss him every time i want to..

Hope I could help..

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A female reader, Dear Mandy United Kingdom +, writes (10 May 2011):

Dear Mandy agony auntHi

Sometimes girls dont over show their feelings in case they push you away, and you say she really loves you, she may be holding back a little so she dont scare you off. Have you spoken to her about this? Maybe you could give a little hint , like hey babe how comes you dont get all mushy like other girls your age, as I quite like it, it lets me know how much you love me :D Or maybe she is just not the type of girl to fall over a guy everytime she falls inlove with him,some girls find it unattractive to be all over a guy, sending messages all the time, and phoning, she may prefer to show you how much she cares when she is with you. But I would be more likly to ask her straight. That way you will have your answer sooner rather than later .

I hope this has helped

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (10 May 2011):

Well I can speak for my self, no everyone has the mind for romanticism, I know I never did, if i love someone I am affectionated towards them, and care for them show my concern in the for of companionship and silence feelings rather than, cheesy Txting flashy present or cheap words.

If she is with you is because she wants to, so your worries are baseless, concentrate on what you do have and what she does do, rather than what she does not do. Have a more positive out look and enjoy your r.ship.

At the end of the day what real meaning does a txt really have? if u thing her luck of romanticism is off putting have a kind word with her, and set them mood, show her how is done, she may learn a thing or two from you.

Good luck


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A female reader, lou_xx  +, writes (10 May 2011):

I can relate to this really well as my boyfriend is very lovey dovey and affectionate and im the complete opposite.

I'm the same as your girlfriend, I only show my boyfriend affection when he shows me affection - personally it is because im not an affectionate person and struggle to show affection to lots of people.

It doesnt mean I dont love my boyfriend, because I do.

However, my boyfriend was feeling the same way as you are feeling now and he confronted me about it.

He just asked why I never really make an effort to show him as much affection as he does and we had a good chat about it.

Now i make more of an effort to show him how much he means to me. So just talk to her and tell her that you would love to be shown how much she cares. She might surpirse you!

I know girls are usually the lovey dovey type, but trust me thats not always the case. I cringe at the thought of telling my own sister that I love her, and of course I love her with all my heart haha! So dont think about it too much :)

Good luck, hope it goes well for you :)

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