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Why does he have pics of this scantily-clad woman, he has never even met?

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Question - (6 February 2007) 2 Answers - (Newest, 6 February 2007)
A female United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I looked in my bf's phone (i know it was wrong, and i admit that), but he had pics of a scantily dressed woman, who he labeled and saved the pics. he had pics before of her, when we first started the relationship, and i know its the same woman due to the pic label. he's never met her, she's an online buddy, but i just don't know what to do! i confronted him, and we are trying to work things out, but i just don't understand why he would need pics like that in his phone, especially of some woman he's never met! plus, makes me think that's he's continued this friendship during our entire relationship(1 yr) enough to still get pics like that, from her. what do i do? any advice?

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A female reader, hannieseds New Zealand +, writes (6 February 2007):

hannieseds agony auntHey there,

I agree with you, if he is happy and content with his relationship with you, then there is no need for him to have these pictures in his phone.

I don't think he has been completely honest with you. He needs to open up and tell you about this online 'friend' and just want kind of 'friendship' they have. You really need to push this with him to tell you everything and do it honestly, otherwise this will drag on and you will always be wondering about this girl and feeling the urge to check up on him. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship and he is breaking yours by keeping this from you and keeping half-naked photos of other women in his phone - the only pictures like that should be of you! He shouldn't need to be told that, but since he does you have to put your foot down and get to the bottom of why he needs this internet friendship. He needs to know your views on all this too.

Keep us updated love! xxx

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A female reader, katy1990 United Kingdom +, writes (6 February 2007):

katy1990 agony auntask why he feels the need to carry on gettin pics of that content and savin them wen hes s'posed to be in a lovin relationship... and if his reason is she sent them to me say delete them... tell him how uncomfortable you feel about this and see if he thinks ur relationship is worth more... hope this helped!

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