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What can I do? I lose my erection after about 10 minutes...

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Question - (28 May 2005) 4 Answers - (Newest, 24 April 2007)
A , anonymous writes:

I am a 32 year old male. I have had a problem sustaining an erection for about 10 years. I can get a full erection for about 10 minutes, then it just dies off. It has been getting me down for years, and wonder is this normal, and how can I combat it?

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (24 April 2007):

I had a problem with holding an erection after about 15-20min and I'm 19. What I found that fixed that problem was eating better and working out by running or lifting weights. You have to keep up on your testosterone and libido, thats what drives men. Good luck

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A reader, Dear Kelly +, writes (20 June 2005):

I have heard about viagra and it's uses,..maybe you have too? why not research it's uses over the internet and see if sounds like it will suit you!.

is your failing erection, failing by mastabation or sex with a women, or both.

I dont see why you should continue suffering like u have done for the past 1o years like this, afterall your only 32, still young, so if i was you I would seek medical advice and to get some viagra.

could be a quick and easily problem solved there and before you know it you could be having great sex!!!

Goodluck and have fun!

come back and tell us how it worked!!

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A reader, Dr. Mephisto United Kingdom +, writes (20 June 2005):

Dr. Mephisto agony auntThis is problem isn't common - is it? The best way to combat this loss of libido is to perhaps look at what you're doing to yourself; for example do you exercise regularly; do you eat lots of fruit and vegatables and lots of iron? Maybe the problem is that you've just 'ain't got no stamina'? This can be combated by exercising your penile muscles - this can be done by - wait for it - trying to erect when not aroused by tensing all the muscles in this area. This combined with regular intake of iron and healthy living should give you back your 'bang to da buck'.

However it must also be remembered that this could be nothing more than a psychological problem - like a lose of interest in your partner - maybe just boredom. This can be combated by finding new and interesting ways to keep the 'fire' alight.

Bottom line, if dinners by candlelight and morning showers together don't get the all the machinery working - then maybe its time your resorted to more chemical means. After all its natural with the increase in age to suffer from decreased sexual potency. If this is the case then the blue diamond buddy of all people who can't quite get it right is - VIAGRA- enjoy. Please remember to buy only from reputable chemists - ergo: don't buy off the internet. I know its embarassing asking for them over a counter however this is the only way of guaranteeing yourself safe product.

Best wishes and peace with the world.

Dr. M.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (31 May 2005):

Hey man, I have the same problem. With me it's performance anxiety, esp.if I know a women really is looking forward to sleeping with me. I get tense, cause I feel I really have to impress her and not let her down. It screws me up mentally. It is bloody humiliating, cause then you feel like less of a man, and the women feels like you are not into her, which isnt the case. You end up looking like a chump. There really isn't anything you can do about it, but get it out in the open, so she understands. Then that in turn makes you more comfortable with the situation.

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