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Should I believe in the fortune teller?

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Question - (16 September 2011) 9 Answers - (Newest, 22 September 2011)
A female Cambodia age 26-29, *haNay writes:

Hello everyone here in Dearcupid, I had something which is hard for me and make a decision.

I went to met a fortune teller yesterday because i some people said he is famous at seeing people destiny, and he say a lot of bad about my future, he said if i get married before 26 years old i will broke up. If i am get married in 29 years old it's very good for me. Then i am now is only 20 years old and i had a Fiance already and both family sign and agree to get married at the end of next year. So how can we wait that too long like fortune teller said ?

Pls everyone give me an idea, and sorry my English is so poor as i am Cambodian, I've study English very little.

Thanks everyone

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A female reader, cheers Indonesia +, writes (22 September 2011):

cheers agony auntHI.sorry to hear you had this problem. Most people go to fortune teller is out of curiousity and know the future, marriage,jobs, etc. More important is what do you think? Do you believe it? what do you want to do?

You can prevent your doubt mind by build up even STRONGER relationship with your boyfriend,have a good communications and share view together to get closer bonding closer.You CAN DO IT! Build confidence in yourself!

Your Life won't change but continue as normal. Put your mind on ease. Don't worry so much. Don't give up but treat it as a CHALLNGE for you. I wish Both of you an everlasting and Happy Marriage till old age.

What you do is what you get. If do good deed, you will ripe good things. but do bad one,you'll get bad things also. It's KARMA.

Your english is good. Congrat's! you're perfect

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A female reader, Red591 United States +, writes (17 September 2011):

Red591 agony auntFortune Teller. If he could predict your future so easily then he could do the same for anything. He would play the lotto, pick the Ky Derby Winner, or simply invest in the right business. He is not a fortune teller. He is a con artist. No marriage is garanteed but No marriage fails due to a prediction by a fortune teller unless the bride makes it a self fulfilling prophesy. Don't do that please. And get some science books.

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A female reader, Fate100percent United Kingdom +, writes (17 September 2011):

Most 'fortune tellers' are just happy to take your money, and spin you a load of bull shit!! (and they are normally trained in body language, so you may not realise you are giving anything away to them but you are!)

A friend of a friend who reads cards said 'It's a gift and anyone who charges for it is full of crap!!'

If you are happy with your husband to be, ignore the 'fortune teller'!

(If they were that good they would have predicted the lottery numbers along time ago, and be retired, stinking rich by now!!!)

Good luck xx

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (16 September 2011):

You're not supposed to take fortune tellers seriously! It might be fun to have your fortune told but don't believe a word of it. Sometimes they get lucky and sometimes they dont.

Will your marriage last longer if you wait until you're 29 to get married, possibly, because by then you're older and perhaps more ready to settle, compromise, and have a family. But then you may risk losing the love of your life...

Your future is yours to make and you are in charge of your own destiny, If you want to get married then get married. If you don't want to they you can always pretend your superstitious and blame the fortune teller!

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A male reader, Sageoldguy1465 United States +, writes (16 September 2011):

Sageoldguy1465 agony auntCongratulations.... Your English is fine.... It's good enough to recognize that you're being very naive to believe that a soothsayer has ANY IDEA what is in your future....

I suggest that you FORGET anything/everything that was said to you by this quack, and THEN consider how you want to handle the situation that you posed in your submittal...

Good luck....

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 September 2011):

I think the fortune teller is full of shit.

A relationship is based on hard work and talking to each other to work out problems, not on what some woman with a crystal ball sees for the money you payed her.

Do you love the girl? Is she committed to you? This will answer wether you are together after age 28.

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A female reader, boo22 United Kingdom +, writes (16 September 2011):

boo22 agony auntHi, The best thing to do is to try to forget about it and live your life as if you never saw her. xx

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 September 2011):

Fortune tellers are not always right, even the famous ones.

"Destiny" is not fully true and can be changed by your actions. The future is just an idea and reality is the present, and the past.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 September 2011):

I would try to forget every word he said. Your life will turn out the way it does because of how you live it and the things that happen, not because of what a fortune teller says will happen. A clairvoyant once told my mum a devastating thing that would happen to my youngest sister but it would have happened by now had it been true. These people will latch onto any little thing you say or do and feed on your insecurities. Please don't believe what he told you. Get married if it feels right, and if you do break up, please don't think that you should have listened to him. If things go wrong between you and your husband, it will be because of the two of you, not because of fate or destiny. Have a good wedding and a happy marriage.

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