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Is my boyfriend taking advantage of me?

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Question - (22 March 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 22 March 2008)
A female Åland Islands age 30-35, *iss williamz writes:

Hey cupid i need some advice.i have a boyfriend we have been dating for a year now.few months back he used to communicate more often until he went to school all the calls i went ahead and told myself lemmi not bother him and i just call it seemed he relaxed and took advantage of me.

he knows not a single day can pass without me calling him up.even when he is at home he complains that he doesn't have calling card .what is he up to really?does he love me the way i do?or mybe am obsessing?help.what should i do with him.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 March 2008):

Sorry to hear you are going through this. We cannot tell you, whether he loves you or not. We also can't tell you what he's up to. All we know is he's not putting in his share of calling you and it has you concerned. But I can tell you, a good way to find out if he's into keeping this relationship ongoing is to back away and stop calling him. Over time, he'll do one of two things.

1) he will be calling you within a few days, perhaps a week or

2) he won't bother at all.

We don't know why he can't give you the same respect of calling you. Frankly, any relationship I have been in, my dating partner and I, called each other, regularily. Dialing a 7 digit phone number takes 5 seconds...and a quick hello, takes another 5-10 minutes. Surely out of a 24 hour peiod, he can give at least 10 minutes of his time to devote to calling you If you are doing all the calling and he isn't...then something is distracting him from doing that or it's possible he doesn't feel the need to work at this relationship, as hard as you do. It could be just lack of respect or inexperience on his part. I'd ask him to call you more often. See how he reacts to that suggestion. And if he'ssays he can't be bothered, then this relationship is off balanced and you perhaps you need to re-evaluate. Good luck, hun

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